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What is it to be a TM Forum compliant solution in the Telco industry? As Telco providers reach unpredictable acceleration paces, software solutions need to follow the rhythm of innovations and provide a standardized and solid architecture. SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator s leading this journey and our first TM Forum certification is just the beginning.  

SAP is not new to Digital Commerce and has had a dedicated Telco commerce solution for many years; but in May 2018, the SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator started down its own digital eCommerce transformation path to becoming a TM Forum compliant solution. 

For the SAP Telco team obtaining a TM Forum certification is more than collecting badges to showcase to the public; for us, every certification is the reflection of the effort put into a solution that we know will provide the best foundations for our customers to build amazing experiences based on them. 

Benefits for Our Customers 

  • TM Forum provides a proven standard that helps reduce implementation costs. 

  • Helps service providers go-to-market faster.  

  • Enables interoperability, open digital architecture, and seamless end-to-end management of complex digital services. 

  • Seamless integration with other TM Forum compliant systems resulting in reducing the cost and complexity of operations. 

Guaranteed Outcomes 

  • Reduce costs by adopting standards for use in applications and interfaces. 

  • Save time, cost, and money by adopting a widely proven solution. 

  • Industry-accepted, rich, and extensible information model. 

Not only does the SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator have a TM Forum SID compliant data model for innovations, but the solution also comes with a full set of TM Forum APIs supporting the entire customer journey.  TM Forum APIs are proven, comprehensive and efficient; and enable rapid, repeatable, and flexible integration among operations and management systems.  They are also used in the respective Spartacus storefronts enabling headless commerce. 

Spartacus Architecture from SAP Commerce cloud, telco and utilities accelerator L1 deck, created by Deborah Cholmeley-Jones, Solution Owner

SAP is investing in TM Forum conformance certification and takes pride in having a TM Forum compliant solution for Telco Digital Commerce.  Being on the TM Forum certification leaderboard is a statement that we are relevant in the market.  Conformance certification ensures that the implementation of our SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator APIs are consistent with the TM Forum’s globally recognized standards and best practices.  

Comply with TM Forum Standards 

  • SID standards for the data model  

  • Business processes for operations  

  • TM Forum APIs for integrations 

The first TM Forum certification marks an exciting beginning, and more TM Forum certifications are on the way. We have two certifications and the planned goal is to achieve 13 within one year.  Each of these certifications will contribute to our mission of bringing the best standards available to our customers.   Next TM Forum API undergoing certification is “Product Catalog Management”.

SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator list of TM Forum APIs planned for certification: 

  • TMF620 Product Catalog Management

  • TMF622 Product Ordering Management 

  • TMF669 Party Role Management 

  • TMF632 Party Management 

  • TMF637 Product Inventory Management  (certified)

  • TMF651 Agreement Management (certified)

  • TMF663 Shopping Cart  

  • TMF666 Account Management 

  • TMF670 Payment Methods 

  • TMF673 Geographic Address Management 

  • TMF677 Usage Consumption Management  

  • TMF678 Customer Bill Management 

  • TMF680 Recommendation 

The advantages of SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator, like TM Forum Certifications, are available to Telco leaders who want to provide end-consumers with seamless experiences. The benefits for our customers and business outcomes bring the opportunities to become relevant and stay ahead in the industry.  

SAP TM Forum Conformance Certification 

For more information about the SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator: