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Recently, SAP Upscale Commerce released the Native Extensions functionality (in BETA) which allows you to embed Angular libraries directly into an SAP Upscale Commerce PWA application for more fine-grained control over the UI and background logic.

so, what's the difference between the Upscale Custom Components and Native Extensions (BETA)?

By using Custom Components functionality, you can extend your storefront by injecting iFrame into the PWA.

However, by using the the Native Extensions, you can natively inject Angular components and services directly into an application. In addition to being visible to web-crawlers, these components will be able to interact directly with the PWA’s front end state and services, enabling you to build essentially anything that an SAP Upscale Commerce developer could.

There are some limitations in custom components that Native Extensions don't have. for example, custom components cannot cover existing content, as well as they are limited when it comes to Accessibility.

Custom components can't trigger overlays and they are not crawlable by SEOs. in addition, custom components are limited when it comes to browser capabilities like microphone, camera, location, etc

The power of Native Extensions

Here you can find great examples to show you how powerful the "Native Extensions" functionality is. Imagine what else you can build using it!

To start, here is an example of having an Employee-Only Store, opening an employee e-commerce in parallel to the consumer one, let you increase sales and improve employees experience
However, by adding such parallel store, different prices/products and different contents overall will need to be accessed only by employees.

So let’s see SAP Upscale Commerce in action on how it can addresses such challenge and let you run an employees commerce easily.


A step-by-step guide can a sample code can be found here and here

you can also find a very good example here


Do you have questions about Native Extensions or SAP Upscale Commerce in general? do not hesitate to reach out and ask your questions here


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"Native Extensions" (BETA) is a very powerful functionality that allows you to gain control over the UI and the background logic in SAP Upscale Commerce.

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