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Globalization has been a topic in the textile industries for a long time. Innovation, optimization and adaption of manufacturing processes were in focus. Ongoing automation and trends like “Industry 4.0” and “Digitalization” require further actions, but brings also another area in focus: “The customer". Ever increasing customer expectations forces textile companies to verify their sales processes and organizations.

Take Amman as an example: An international leading yarn manufacturer uses the SAP cloud for sales solution to support that transformation. Their yarns are sold globally directly to manufacturer and indirectly using several sales channels. A transparent overview about customer, contact persons, products, offerings and prices globally on one place were necessary to support a the strong collaboration of sales, service and marketing at Amman. The objective to “Win more time for the customer “ motivated Amman to increase the internal communication between the teams.

This are common patterns I observed in several customer discussions:

  • Increased transparency around all customer-related data, prices and products globally and independent of the sales channel. “One single source of truth”

  • More time for customer discussions, having access to the same, latest and complete information - internal or external. “All information on hand real-time- – wherever you are”

  • Offer customer comprehensive access to important information as a self-service.
    “Download certificates, check order status and more -24 hours”

  • Better support collaboration between the teams for more effectiveness. “Ask the expert to solve the problem or drive results- easy, fast, and save.”

  • Short projects, fast time to value.

Amman decided for the SAP Cloud for Sales solution and SAP Jam.  With support of Sybit, they implemented the solution in 13 countries, with an impressively fast rollout of 2 weeks per country.For German speakers, find the original Sybit project story here.

If you are interested to learn more about SAP solutions, who focus on the customer, you can access more information here.