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Explore the value accelerators embedded within SAP Commerce Cloud learning journey (access to SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps required, sign up by requesting access to SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support or join the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps Learning Room if you already have access.)

These newly created assets will help you understand the value of solution capabilities, show key configuration elements, share best practices and important resources, thereby helping you get the most of your SAP Customer Experience solutions.

By optimizing search results, you are ensuring that your customers have a personalized and memorable experience. This will result in an increased conversion rate and average order value.

The Adaptive Search module within SAP Commerce brings organizations a new innovative approach to creating search configurations. This means you can create search profiles with specific configurations to provide a personalized experience for your users.

This Value Accelerator provides:

  • Overview of Apache Solr & Adaptive Search

  • Business value of enabling Apache Solr & Adaptive Search​

  • How to enable and configure Apache Solr

  • How to enable and configure Adaptive Search

  • Additional references and documentation


SAP Commerce Accelerator comes with Apache Solr integration by default.

Solr is a popular open-source search platform for websites because it can index and search multiple sites and return recommendations for related content based on the search query’s taxonomy.

The Adaptive Search module provides a range of features related to managing search profiles.

Adaptive Search adds commerce features on top of Solr. For example, you can create a category-aware profile that defines facets and boosts certain results within a specified product category.

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Mónica Domingo

Global Topic Owner - Customer Experience Solutions