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The Support Assistant offers an amazing and very easy to use conversational interface to help guide you through the incident creation process.


By helping you not only finding relevant solutions to your issues without the need to raise an incident, but also in case you do need to create an incident it will help you inform all required information for the initial analysis by creating a ready to use description of the issue with everything that has been checked, greatly improving incident quality.


SAP Sales Cloud and Service Cloud uses the built-in support, so although in a slightly different way than doing through the Support Launchpad, you can also access Support Assistant directly from your application and it is pretty easy!


Let's take a look.

Support Assistant option on User menu


  1. Within SAP Sales and Service Cloud application, click on your profile icon on the top right corner.

  2. Select the option SAP Support Assistant.


And you are done! Easy, no? From here you have the standard Support Assistant screen, the same you find when launching it from Support Launchpad.


With it you have all the relevant content from SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud, tailored by engineers of the application, the same way it works for other products. Check below some tips on how to use it.

Support Assistant main screen


  1. Select the categories according to your issue to narrow down the scenario.

  2. As you advance categorizing, new options will show up.

  3. Relevant context based information like SAP Knowledge Base Articles, SAP Notes, community posts, wikis, and more, will be displayed for you.


Support Assistant auto-generated incident summary


If you get to the point where the recommendations were not able to resolve your issue, the support assistant will generate automatically a summary that you can copy and paste in your built-in support incident creation screen.


And there you have it, a quick overview on how to use Support Assistant from your SAP Sales Cloud and Service Cloud application.


Want to know more?

  • Check this blog by Murray Hachey, which helps you leverage all available support assistant features to improve your incident creation process.

  • KBA 2911451 will provide you very detailed description on support assistant features and also frequently asked questions about the tool.