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Then let us start the test process step-by-step.

Notes: we will create a new Task by copy a already one. 

In this case, I will use Task(guid'FA163EEF-573D-1EE5-9686-8E98F573FCA3') as a create sample.

Step1. We use get method receive the details of Task(guid'FA163EEF-573D-1EE5-9686-8E98F573FCA3').

HTTP method: GET


Action: F8

Result: You will get a HTTP Respond, show all the details of Task(guid'FA163EEF-573D-1EE5-9686-8E98F573FCA3').

Step2. Click on [Use as Request], trans the HTTP Response to HTTP Request.

Step3. For creating a new Task, we need change the values in the request body as required.

(1)One action is required.

field <d:guid> need change to as below.   For <d:guid> is the key of a Task and it's format is '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000', and can be generated auto when a Task is created.


(2) In this case I will change some other fields for the new Task, I will change discription.

Step4: Change the URI to URI:/sap/opu/odata/sap/CRM_ODATA/TaskCollection.

           For when create a new Task, we do not need a guid in URI.


Set HTTP method: POST


Click F8.

Result: If the HTTP Respond code is 201, then you create it successfully.


HTTP respond code: 201

New Task(guid'FA163EEF-573D-1ED5-968A-741ED0990906')  and with<d:description>Sara test for create demo</d:description> generated.


Do double check in DB.


Do double check in Webpage.