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I am a newbie to analytics topic in Cloud for Customer and I write down some small stuff which I have learned today into this blog. Suppose I need to build a report which shows a list of all visits whose end date are later than today. The screenshot in this blog are made in my system with version 1708 ( HTML5 UI ).

Below is what could be achieved by this report:

1. Create a new Key Figure zkf_overdue. Choose "Visit Header"(technical ID: CODAPAVISITHB) as data source.

For Key Figure type, choose "Calculated Key Figure":

2. Specify calculation logic as "End Date" > "Today". Just double click "KF_END_DATE" and "KF_DATE" and both will appear in calculation editor automatically.

Review created key figure and click Finish button.

3. Create a new report and in key figure configuration step,

choose "Show Customer Created Key Figure" from drop down list, and select zkf_overdue created from step 1.

Finish the left creation steps as usual.

4. Now preview the report and the calculated key figure could already work as expected: for those visits whose end date is later than today, it will show 1 and otherwise 0.

The final step is to filter out those visits whose zkf_overdue equal to 0. Mark Key Figure option and click "Conditions" from drop down list:

Create a new condition:

In condition rules, make the following settings:

Once done, only those visits with zkf_overdue = 1 will appear in the report list.