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There is one IBASE 112467 which contains one object component. This IBASE is intended for archive.

There are two approaches to archive it.

1. You could use tcode SARA and type "CRM_IBASE" as archive object, and press the buttons "Preproc", "Write" and "Delete" one by one to go through the archive process.

2. You could also manually run report for each of the three process one by one. You could find the report name for each step via tcode AOBJ:

The overview introduction about IBASE archive could be found in sap help.

Step1: pre-process step

run report RIBARCHV and specify IBASE ID = 112467, and got the error message saying nothing could be archivable.

The reason is because you run pre-processing report, the IBASE must be marked with a deletion flag. You could set the flag via tcode IB52, Installation->Functions->Deletion flag->Set:

Once done, a new status key DLFL is set.

Re-run pre-processing report, and get the successful message like below, saying one record could be archived,

And the pre-processing report set additional status value to the IBASE as displayed below:

After pre-processing is done, the IBASE is not allowed for further change any more:

Step2: write step

In this step, the transaction data belonging to current IBASE are written to archive file via function modules below:




After executing report RIBARCHA with productive mode, it will display how many entries in each transparent table are archived.

Till now we have not executed the delete report yet, so those entries are stilled not removed from transparent table.

You could click button "Management" in tcode SARA to review the current progress so far.

We get a yellow light, since the whole archive process is not finished yet.

Double click on the yellow light and we could get the physical file path where the archive file is stored in OS:

Step3: delete step

In this step, the related table entries would be removed from transparent tables.

Execute the delete report and you could observe the deletion operation on IBASE data with tcode ST05:

Once done, go back to check in tcode SARA, now the whole archive process is done, we get green light now.

The archived IBASE could not be found in system any more:

The object ZJERRY_TEST contained in the object component still exists in the system.