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In this blog, we essentially cover the following key elements:

To stay current on Composable Storefront and avoid errors on new builds, you must upgrade to Composable Storefront 6 (or later version) and/or Node.js 18 now.

You must be using a current update of Composable Storefront because of the following important note:

  • Composable Storefront / Spartacus depends on 3rd-party libraries. If a high security issue is discovered with 3rd-party dependencies that are end-of-life (such as Node.js 14), support will be withdrawn from Commerce Cloud with short notice (1-2 weeks). A “high security issue” is an issue that has a vulnerability score (CVSSv3 score) of 7 or higher. For background information on vulnerability scoring, see and

This event will be enforced starting in 2024 or because of the event described above (whichever comes first), versions of Composable Storefront that are not current will result in build errors, and you will not be able to deploy new code.


As a reminder, according to the SAP Commerce Cloud Supplemental Terms and Conditions, you must run a version of SAP Commerce Cloud that is current. Your organization is responsible for installing new releases and upgrading the SAP Commerce Cloud software.

For information on Composable Storefront and what versions are current, including which Commerce Cloud backends are supported, see the Update Release Policy and Publication Frequency for Composable Storefront Libraries. For more information on which Composable Storefront updates work with which versions of Node.js and Angular, see the Composable Storefront Dependencies Matrix.


For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your account team.


The SAP Commerce Cloud Team