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When we use F12 (developer tool) to make JavaScript debug in IE11 for IC business role(or other WebUI roles), This is the normal steps we will do:

  1. Find related JavaScript codes, set breakpoints.

  2. Make operations on CRM webui, the breakpoints will stop when they are executed.

For example, there are buttons like ‘new sessions’, ‘end’, ‘clear interaction center’, etc in toolbar for IC Agent roles. When those buttons are clicked, JS function buttonCallback will be executed.

The steps are:

  1. In F12 Developer Tools, search with key ‘function buttonCallback’.

  2. The file which contains the codes will be opened in a separate tab.

  3. Set the breakpoint:

  4. Click a button from toolbar, for example ‘new session’ button:

  5. The JS breakpoint will stop:

  6. If I click F8, JS codes are executed. Then a new session tab is opened:

Above steps are regular way we use to set JS breakpoints and make JS debug in CRM webui.

However, there is one thing special for multiple session IC business roles:
After above steps, if I click on a button like ‘New Session’ from the new session tab, the JavaScript breakpoint does’t stop. WHY?

Let’s go to the F12 Developer tool, make another search again:

This is the search result: the same file is loaded again and displayed in a separate tab. The breakpoint is not set yet:

We need to set breakpoint here again.

After this, if we click button from the toolbar in the second session tab, the JS breakpoint stops:

This is because once a new session tab is created and opened, files belong to it will be loaded again. Thus we need to search with the key word every time to find out all files where the breakpoint is not set yet if we want to make JS debug in new opened session tabs.


  • Environment used to make above tests:
    CRM EHP3
    IE11 with version 11.0.36(KB3191492)