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It is well known that smooth Customer Experience plays a major role in organization’s success. Integration and Extensibility are the most enhancing factors behind the scenes.

Combined, these contribute to an Intelligent Enterprise.

If you are looking forward to becoming a Solution Architect in SAP Customer Experience, the first recommended step would be to go through the below SAP Certification.

SAP Certification ID & Ref. URL: C_C4HCX_24 (SAP Certified Application Associate – Solution Architect for Customer Experience)

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This blog post will guide you to prepare yourself for the same.

The table depicts the breakdown of topics and the weightage percent respectively for the certification exam.

Topic Area Weightage
The Intelligent Enterprise 8-12%
SAP Extension Suite >12%
SAP Integration Suite >12%
SAP Sales and Service Cloud >12%
SAP Customer Data Cloud 8-12%
SAP Commerce Cloud 8-12%
SAP Marketing Cloud and Emarsys 8-12%

It is better to first have a high-level overview of SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) before starting with the deep dive learning for the certification. Below are few references for this:

If you already have a know how of SAP Customer Experience, it is better to directly start with the below Learning Journey.

SAP Customer Experience Solutions – Integration and Extensibility

My approach to the Learning Journey:

  1. First complete the “Start with an overview” section which covers the following topics:

    • Intelligent Enterprise and it’s Integrations: Open SAP Course

    • Intelligent Enterprise Processes: Lead to Cash, Recruit to Retire, Source to Pay, Design to OperateFor these processes, visit the reference links provided in the learning journey and take the self-assessment quizzes.

You can also refer to the SAP Help on Intelligent Enterprise and its processes.

  1. Once you’re done with the Intelligent Enterprise, move to the “SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite” section in the learning journey.

    • Read CP100 thoroughly and take the assessment in each unit

    • SAP One Domain Model

    • Master Data Management

    • SAP Cloud Platform Extension for Customer Experience

  1. Then, you can start learning the various solutions/products in SAP CX.

    • SAP Commerce: The Learning Journey has a good set of references for this module.
      It’s best to cover the Overview, Architecture, Commerce Cloud Portal, Accelerators, Deployment and Monitoring.
      Get an overview of Spartacus and UpScale offerings of SAP Commerce.
      Also, cover the Integration and Extension options available for SAP Commerce.

    • SAP Sales and Service Cloud: For the introduction and deep dive, you can watch the SAP Microlearning videos(SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud) provided in the learning journey.
      You can refer to the SAP Help for the system setup, configurations and scoping guidelines.

    • SAP Customer Data Cloud: The SAP Help is a one stop go for SAP CDC. Apart from the introduction, few very important topics are Customer Identity, CIAM for B2B, Customer Consent and Identity Exchange for partner integrations.

    • SAP Marketing Cloud and Emarsys: The SAP Microlearning is a good start for SAP Marketing Cloud. For it’s extensibility options, you can refer to the CX Works article.For Emarsys, you can refer to the SAP Microlearning for overview and  Emarsys Help Page for deeper knowledge.

  1. Now that you’d have good knowledge of the SAP CX products, it’s time to learn the end-to-end intelligent Lead to Cash Process offered by CX. Refer to the SAP Help for learning more about this pre-packaged integration.

  2. Lastly, you need to know how the Project Delivery Framework is designed for SAP CX solutions. SAP Activate Methodology is used for this. The following CX Works articles provides detailed design and analysis of this.

    1. SAP Activate Fundamentals

    2. Project Delivery Framework by Solution : Select each framework to know more.

Key Take Away: Make sure you take all the Self-Assessment Quiz provided in the Learning Journey.

Additional references (beyond certification for upskilling):

  1. SAP CX API Hub : Check out to know the API and Integration capabilities of SAP CX.

  2. Enterprise Architect’s view on SAP BTP : This course will help you to gain the perspective of applying architecture development method to SAP Business Technology Platform in the context of Business Requirements.

  3. Introduction to SAP Enterprise Architecture Design : Here you can learn the architecture designer approach of a single solution to create, document and integrate the organization’s business, data, landscape and requirements.

Apart from all these learning materials and courses, getting your hands on the system would really strengthen knowledge and provide clearer understanding of the various SAP CX solutions.

You can join the SAP CX Learning Room to stay updated on the CX solutions.

This approach helped me to complete the learning journey in just couple of weeks considering prior hands-on experience on few of the topics.

However, with no experience also it would take 4-6 weeks of effort to finish the learning and then you’re all set for the certification exam.

If you recently took the certification exam, please share your thoughts and how you prepared for it in the comments box below.
Active Contributor

Hello srutinayak,
Thank you for sharing the insights on your learning journey for C_C4HCX_24 certification.
Indeed, I followed an almost similar learning strategy. It'll take min 3-4 months of thorough preparation and having prior knowledge of multiple applications make this journey much easier.
Thank you.
best regards,

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts bansal.kunal 🙂
Very helpful. 👍
I also started the CX Solution Architect Learning Journey last year. My goal is to complete the certification in Q3.
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Hello christian.vogler , glad that my blog post could be of help.

All the best to you for the certification. 🙂
Active Contributor
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Although the first link you shared (this) is the most accurate, I believe that the best way to start for those who speak German, is by buying the SAP Customer Experience book (here). If you look at the Index, you will see it has all the latest products and topics. I have checked with Rheinwerk and they are not planning to translate it into English and, the only book SAP Press currently has, is about C/4HANA which is already outdated after 5 years of continuous improvements by SAP on CX area.

If someone is aware of a clear step by step path, apart from the Learning Journey, kindly share it 🙂


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Kinsbrunner,

I'm Fernando, the product owner for the C_C4HCX certification. I wouldn't recommend any book for preparing this Certification, cause no book can follow the pace for the updates, innovations and changes on the SAP Customer Experience solutions portfolio.

The primary source of truth for preparation of this certification is the Learning Journey SAP Customer Experience Solutions – Integration and Extensibility.

In order to get more knowledge about general or specific topics of SAP CX, I'd recommend these extra resources:

Using then you can get a functional view of each solution or a deep diving on a certain topic.

I hope this helps.

Fernando Redondo
Portfolio Manager, SAP Customer Experience Solutions Integration and Extensibility
SAP Product Learning CoE, SAP Learning.