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It is important to understand what information needs to be filled when uploading a .csv upload. As concluded, ID ORIGIN and ID are required for an upload. Reason being is that ID ORIGIN is stating which source the information is coming from and ID is giving each individual who has crossed paths with the Brand/company an unique number.

For example let's take a retail store's e-commerce site as an Example:

You can you go to a retail store e-commerce site and NOT put in a login/name/email/purchase, you just simply went to the webpage. So Hybris Marketing will mark you with a unique ID. Say it is 1234. You are anonymous or prospect. The next time you come to retail website you decide to create a login and give them your phone number. Now, Unique ID 1234 will turn from prospect to a self-identified contact and will fill line 1234 with your name and phone number. When you buy something you will be marked as a consumer. The more information you provide, the more attributes will be identified for that ID number.

Semantic Attributes:

Semantic attributes are basically key attributes that are needed to take action for the contact. So for example you can’t send someone a SMS text if they didn’t provide you a phone number. So for a SMS campaign, a mandatory semantic attribute would be phone number. Details about semantic attributes in the link below. Skip to the “semantic attributes” section.

Technically, when you fill out a .csv you don’t have to put in any semantic attributes because you could simply be marked as anonymous, but that’s not the point of uploading a .csv upload. You want to make sure at least a phone number (for SMS campaigns), address (for direct mailers), OR email (for email campaigns)  is given so you can actually send a campaign to them. Otherwise these prospects IDs are kind of useless. Refer to the link above it will give you a better look at the requirements.

Prospect/Consumer/Contacts: A good guide to follow.(Anonymous is a contact level so you can be anonymous and a prospect.) These are tangential concepts that go hand-in-hand. More information in the links below:

Contact Levels

Prospects, Contacts, and Consumers

Table 1: Prospects, Contacts, and Consumers
Consumer Contact Description
False False Prospect
False True Contact
True False Consumer
True True Contact and Consumer