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Hello All,

Have you ever wondered about a better or easiest way to interact with SAP Support for addressing your incident issue/concerns? If you have, then our new live support channel Schedule an Expert will be in your best interest. This channel would help reduce time spent on back and fourth conversations and save time on technical issues for new incidents and for open incidents.

Schedule an Expert is a real-time support offering that will enable customers to directly schedule 30 minute blocks of time to meet with a Support Engineer and discuss a topic which you would normally log an incident or an Expert Chat for. Schedule an Expert offers a new way to connect with an SAP Support engineer in a live, one-on-one 30-minutes call. Tell us what your question is and to what software area it relates, and we'll find an available expert to assist at a time of your choice. It's that easy and absolutely free of cost!

If you want to try the service and book an appointment with an engineer and discuss new or open incidents and technical issues you can easily access the service via SAP’s support portal , directly via your SAP ONE Support Launchpad or from your SAP Cloud for Customer/ SAP Business ByDesign systems(which will again take it to the launchpad).

Please note that you need to have a valid S user id to access the launchpad to book a Schedule an Expert session. In case you want to know more about S-User authorizations click here.

Follow the instructions to book a session with an expert:

  1. Login as a key-user to the respective Tenant.

  2. Click Help Center (same process used for reporting an incident).

  3. In the Help Center window select and click on “SAP Schedule an Expert” option.

  4. Upon clicking on the link, it will directs you to the below screen in Launchpad where you can see :

  • reach an overview page where you can book a Schedule an Expert session

  • look into details of the already booked appointments

  • browse for info in the already happened appointments and

  • seek for information about this SAP Product Support offering by reading the FAQ.

5. At first, summarize the topic about which you would like to talk live with a product support engineer in the Skype session.

6. Proceed to step 2 and select for which of your systems the topic of the Skype meeting would be relevant:

7. Now you can select to which SAP topic area / component the requested topic belongs. You can double check the topic area – component mapping by switching between “Expert area” and “Component” tabs.


8. At step 4, you can select the day and the 30 minutes time-slot that fits to your schedule and that     also matches with the availability of the product support engineer for the specific component which you selected before. In our example, it is the 26th of March, 10:30 CET. Please be aware of our 3 business days lead time to enable the product support engineer to get prepared for the Skype session with you, based on the information you provide him in the next steps.



It is recommended to double-check which time-zone is set in your S-user profile. If the time-zone does not match with your actual time-zone, please adjust with the Edit button.

9. At step 5, there is the chance to elaborate the requested topic and attach documents, e.g. with screenshots illustrating what steps were followed.

10. After reviewing the details of the booking of this Schedule an Expert, you can submit the appointment request. After submission, a confirmation dialog appears, where you can you can copy the .ICS calendar file to your calendar to block your time for this appointment.

Please note: you can edit any of the booking details even in the review page, adding more information that can help the product support engineer to get well prepared for the call.

After submission, an e-mail notification will be sent to the e-mail address that is given during the booking process, where all the details of the Schedule an Expert appointment will be summarized.

You can find the previously mentioned .ICS calendar file here

  • the date and time of the appointment

  • the link to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad

  • the link to the incident which is created for this Schedule an Expert appointment.

11. Once the assigned product support engineer generates the meeting link for the appointment, you can expect to receive this link via the same notification e-mail.

In case, questions arise as the time of the Schedule an Expert session comes, you may find some helpful information in KBA 2651981 – Schedule an Expert – Frequently Asked Questions – SAP Product Support

Additional information about Schedule an Expert:

The number of SAP solutions being supported by this service continuously grows.

Schedule an Expert is only available for products listed in the document: View product areas that currently offer Schedule an Expert.

If you choose one of these product areas to schedule a session and then reference a different product area that is not in the list, the session will be converted to a regular written incident.

Schedule an Expert lets you connect one-on-one with SAP support in a live, 30-minute Skype call. Talk to an engineer directly but spend less time waiting for response and resolution.

So what you are waiting for? Book a session, today!

Best Regards,

Dhanya KV