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On 15th of March 2015 we released new SP04 of SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector. Components UMCERP01, UMCCRM01, UMCUI501 SP04 are available for download on service marketplace. As you probably noticed, the name of the application has changed to include Public Sector. From SP04 Public Sector specific OData service model (separate from Utilities one) was shipped which is reusing same foundation and same architectural approach.

We added some new features in addition to the ones that we had in SP03:

    • Switch between multiple business partners linked to one single online account (SU01)
    • View and update preferred language by customer
    • View status and details of quotations and future contracts
    • Submit meter readings without logging in (anonymously)
    • Submit one-time payment without logging in (anonymously)
    • Attach a file when sending a message to the Utility company
    • Possibility to trigger a workflow for follow-up on customer requests
    • View consumption of smart meters
    • View forecasted consumption of smart meters
    • Download consumption data of smart meters

We also implemented a support of co-browsing which offers a possibility to a call center agent to view the same data as online customer sees it while facing difficulties with online services.

As well, we incorporated some feedback from our customer and partners, and now we offer business-user friendly configuration options for our OData entities to reduce BAdI implementation efforts grouped in one customizing activity in IMG called 'Maintain Business Settings for Business Processes'.

Finally, there is also a new customizing activity which allows replacing error messages returned by OData entities with more end-user friendly ones.

Note that in SP04 we only delivered bug fixes for template web application for desktop UI. The only UI application that was updated according to new OData entities is our responsive UI application which we shipped in SP03.

Please stay tuned for SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector demo apps that will be available soon on Google Play and Apple App stores. More communication to follow.

As of SP04, this is a feature set of the application (CRM and ERP IS-U combined):

IS-U only:

Let's take a look at screenshots of certain features from new SP04:

1) Preferred language by customer

2) View status and details of quotations and future contracts

3) Submit anonymous meter reading

4) View consumption of smart meters (as well as forecasted consumption)

5) Anonymous one-time payment

6) Attach a file when sending a message to the Utility company

7) Co-browsing agent panel

😎 Mantain settings for business processes customizing

9) Map messages to user friendly ones

That's it for now!

Best Regards, Yevgen