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Product and Topic Expert

May 4-5

Slides & Recording (Day 1, Day 2)

Dear Valued Customer,

On May 4-5, 2021, the virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation workshop “Business Technology Platform: Integration, Innovation and Extension” took place. This wrap-up blog provides an overview about the focus topics of the workshop.

The workshop offered an interactive platform for SAP Premium Engagement customers to learn how the SAP’s Business Technology Platform can accelerate the transformation to an Intelligent Enterprise, exchange experiences, learn from peers about their advancements in that area, and ask SAP experts questions.

For Day 1 Kickoff, Balaji Gaddam (Vice President and Head of CoE North America Intelligent Delivery Group, SAP) welcomed our customers and shared the vision of the MaxAttention and how SAP Premium Engagement services can help the customers embark on their Business Technology Platform transformation journey.

SAP Business Technology Platform is the foundation of the Intelligent Enterprise

In recent years a strong focus on the transformation to an Intelligent Enterprise is observed. Emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation enable businesses to innovate, optimize experience, and automate processes, thus putting the Intelligent Enterprise in place and giving the companies a head start. SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) provides foundational components for the Intelligent Enterprise as it represents a portfolio of integrated solutions to support the transformation of data into business value.

Understandably, customers want to get more insights into the four key pillars of the SAP Business Technology Platform: Database and Data management, Analytics, Application development & Integration, as well as Intelligent Technologies, in order to learn how SAP Business Technology Platform helps turn data into business value.

The SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop “SAP Business Technology Platform” focused on

  • How companies can put the strategic vision of the SAP Business Technology Platform into action on an engineering and architectural level

  • How these information assets can be used as innovation catalysts to influence business outcomes

  • How integration and extension frameworks can accelerate development, drive innovation and keep the SAP S/4HANA core clean

  • Last but not least, how MaxAttention can help to innovate, accelerate, integrate and extend while transforming to an Intelligent Enterprise

Mirko Paul, Chief Product Manager of Cross-Product Architecture within the SAP Technology and Innovation Board introduced the key elements of the Intelligent Enterprise and provided a historical and visionary view on SAP Business Technology Platform. “Good architecture starts with a solid unified platform. At SAP, it is SAP Business Technology Platform. It’s time to accelerate transformation”.

Several other presentations given by the experts from product engineering from the SAP Technology and Innovation Board and architects from the Global Center of Expertise North America provided further deep insights into key pillars of SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP Business Technology Platform to Simplify Integrations, Accelerate Extensions and Expand Business Value

Martin Grasshoff (Director Product Management) and Ashok Kumar M (Architect Center of Expertise) started with the extension and SAP extension suite. Adaptable and efficient extensibility capabilities are essential to lower TCO and innovate to increase productivity and revenue with new and differentiating business processes and models. Various real-world customer example leveraging SAP extension suite were introduced.

Katrin von Ahsen (Sr. Product Manager) and Evangeline Bo (Global CoE Expert) then provided an update on SAP Integration Strategy and key integration principles with SAP BTP. Suite qualities provide consistent experience along with end-to-end key processes, and SAP Integration Suite is the key enabler for integrated intelligent enterprise. A concrete customer integration journey was shared how they modernize their integration architecture and integration design during S/4HANA transformation with the support of SAP MaxAttention.

Suresh Babu (Sr. Architect Center of Expertise) and Zulfiqar Tapia (Global CoE Expert) shared extensibility concept and patterns in S/4HANA, and the engineering approach to rethink and modernize custom code to keep S/4HANA clean. Several new features and customer examples were shared, and many customers were interested in the reference cluster feature in Custom Code Analytics which offers insights with metrices to prioritize working model for innovation and clean core strategy.

Haibo Huang (Senior Director, Center of Expertise, Intelligent Delivery Group, SAP) wrapped up the day 1 with the polls and feedback from day 1 introducing the SAP BTP Discovery Center.

Day 2

Rohit Dwivedi (Senior Director, Center of Expertise, Intelligent Delivery Group, SAP) launched the Day 2 session by introducing the Business Technology Platform topics for Intelligent Technologies, and the hyperscaler landscape.

Drive Innovation with AI Factory and Hyper-automation in SAP Business Technology Platform

Karsten Schmidt, (Vice President SAP AI Business Services), provided an overview of the Artificial Intelligence initiatives at SAP and which products and services are available via SAP for customers. Karsten introduced various services offered by SAP AI Business Services and demonstrated their business value to customers.

Sebastien Beghelli (Solution Owner of SAP Conversational AI) delivered an end-to-end walkthrough of training, building, testing, connecting, and monitoring a chatbot solution using SAP CAI. Sebastien featured CAI’s low-code usability, effortless scalability, seamless integration with various third-party chat software, and planned pre-built chatbots. Kiran Kola (Senior Architect SAP MaxAttention CoE) highlighted a customer success story using the SAP CAI solution to replace an external portal for employees, resellers, and frontline employees to check information related to orders. As a result, this chatbot solution replaced 80% of legacy transactions, reduced 40% of costs, and integrated seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams channel.

Mastery of the SAP Business Technology Platform enables seamless hyperscaler interoperability and data sharing

Uwe Klasing (Chief Solutions Expert, Technical Field Enablement, T&I) discussed SAP’s Multi-Cloud Strategy, driven by the customer’s needs to use more than one hyperscaler and interoperate on hyperscalers. Uwe explained that SAP Business Technology Platform seamlessly integrates SAP applications and the need to deploy them to multiple hyperscalers with industry-leading hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud. Uwe also discussed the various interoperability patterns for hyperscaler reference architectures, such as platform foundation, service integration, and data-to-value.

  1. Sivakumar (Senior Director, Strategic Customer Engagements, T&I) kicked off the second half of the session by explaining the various challenges that customers face, such as data duplication from SAP systems to various hyperscalers, and provided a solution using SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as Logical Data Warehouse in order to answer any complications with sharing data between various hyperscalers in real-time and maintain a single point of access to your data. He also demonstrated a dashboard example of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud that integrates data from various hyperscalers.

SAP Business Technology Platform introduces hyperautomation to increase company productivity and return on investment

Archana Shukla (Senior Product Manager, Business Technology Platform, T&I) introduced the SAP offering for Business Transformation-as-a-Service and overviewed the extensibility of SAP Workflow Management, business rules, process visibility and flexibility, and highlighted nearly 30 pre-built live process content packages. Archana demonstrated the live process package use-cases in the Process Flexibility Cockpit, introduced a demo package for Workflow Management, and explained integration into the overall SAP landscape as an enabler for hyperautomation.

Renee Li (Solution Manager, Business Technology Platform, T&I) showcased SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation as a robust medium to handle laborious and tedious user tasks. Renee focused on the latest cloud-based Intelligent RPA 2.0 offering which promotes low-code, visual drag-and-drop development through Cloud Studio, attended and unattended automation workflows, easy bot extensibility and integration with SAP services, and over 200 pre-built automation packages located in Store of the Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Factory.

SAP Business Technology Platform to Simplify Integrations, Accelerate Extensions and Expand Business Value

The workshop was rounded up by Haibo Huang and Rohit Dwivedi with an explanation on the SAP Innovation Services portfolio which can be leveraged to either quickly bring innovation ideas to life or to drive strategic continuous innovation at scale and build-up innovation capabilities, mindset, and culture. We look forward to engaging with our customers exploring their Intelligent Enterprise ideas and supporting them bringing these innovative ideas into life by leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform.

Please find here the slides presented during the workshop. Please find the recording here: Day 1, Day 2.

In case you are interested in further SAP Innovation Workshops click here or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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