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April 5-6, 2022


Slides & Recordings (Day 1, Day 2, Consumer & Retail Industries BR, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Industry BR, Utilities and High-Tech Industries BR, Oil & Gas Industries BR)

Dear Valued Customer,

On April 5-6, 2022, we hosted a 2-Day virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation workshop covering Industry Innovation topics such as Industry Cloud, Industry 4. Now, and Sustainability Management. The speakers from Industry Cloud Product Management teams, SAP MaxAttention Center of Expertise, and Industry Experts contributed to this event. In this workshop, SAP experts from Customer Success and from Product Engineering and Technology and Innovation board areas will lay out how SAP’s Industry Cloud Platform can transform your business out of the box functionalities to address white spaces and build extension to support customer specific requirements. This workshop also had breakout sessions for prominent industries including Consumer Products, Retail, Automotive, IM&C, Hi-Tech, Utilities & O&G

The event was kicked off by Balaji Gaddam Rao, Vice President and Head of SAP MaxAttention Center Of Expertise (CoE) North America at SAP, and Kurt Bauer, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Premium Engagements. They discussed the opportunity to learn about SAP’s strategy for Sustainability Management and Circular Economy along with the latest technologies supporting organizations move to Industry 4.0.

Kai Finck, Senior Vice President and Head of Industry Cloud Program discussed how customers demand more and more industry-specific solutions that fit to the industry-specific challenges they face. Kai discussed future trends for SAP Industry Cloud on Business Technology Platform and illustrated SAP Product Strategy and Roadmap.

Mazen Arawi, Martin Grasshoff and Kiran Kola covered technical Deep dive sessions on Industry Cloud Technical topics covering following aspects:

  • Technical Overview of Industry Cloud Solutions

  • Architectural Guidelines and Pre-requisites

  • Building Extension for Industry Cloud Supported Scenarios

  • Customer Use Cases

Bettina Zedlitz, and Laura Allan discussed how we can build sustainable businesses using Industry Solutions. Topics such as SAP’s role in driving Sustainability Management, SAP Sustainability Solution & Industry Strategy and SAP’s 3 Zeros Strategy and Solution roadmaps. Mike Lackey, Ryan Weicker, Rahul Kumar presented how business challenges and transforming businesses to Industry 4.0, SAP’s Strategy for Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Factories, Products & Assets. Day 1 closing remarks were summarized and presented with customer feedback polls.

On Day 2, Rohit Dwivedi, Senior Director, SAP MaxAttention CoE outlined the various perspectives on Industry Cloud topics and provided insights. Industry Specific breakout sessions were presented by various process experts. Industries such as Consumer industries, Retail industries, Automotive and IM&C, Utilities and Hi-Tech Companies were covered. For each industry, following topics are covered:

  • Industry Challenges and Industry specific Roadmap

  • Role of SAP Industry Cloud Platform in Intelligent Enterprises

  • Solution Overview of prominent Industry Cloud Solutions

  • Integration Principles with SAP Digital Core and other Solutions

  • Customer Examples

Rohit Dwivedi and Markus Steer concluded the workshop in the final wrap-up session illustrating how SAP MaxAttention can Help with Industry topic with SAP MaxAttention Industry Approach. PE Engagements give the best support in the context of customers' industry priorities. To support Industry Cloud success, PE developed Delivery Suitcases per industry with industry-specific content like value maps and corresponding industry cloud solutions with architecture, prerequisites, process flows, and various key industry asserts. PE Services portfolio is specifically designed to simplify the implementation and accelerate adoption of Industry Cloud solutions. With SAP’s industry cloud, you can optimize and transform at a much faster pace. SAP MaxAttention can show you how to use these solutions to build innovations – without overhauling entire systems or putting limitations on what you can do with your data. With our help, you can:

  • Access innovation in modular, consumable packages

  • Plug innovations in quickly without disrupting existing technologies and processes

  • Reach across categories to get ideas, apps, and solutions from other industries

  • Reduce time to value and faster adoption

  • Set a foundation for large scale deployment

SAP’s industry cloud can provide a foundation for innovation and transformation, connecting you to a community of in-depth. SAP expertise, top thinkers, investors, and disruptors. Now, it’s your turn to create a new future with the cloud.

​The workshop was a great success and we had over 100 customer registrations from 50 companies. We received great feedback for our workshop and would like to thank all our presenter, customers and prospects who joined this interactive workshop live, and all the presenters and colleagues who contributed to the success of the event! You are more than welcome to watch the recordings and look at the slides if you missed the workshop. For individual discussions tailored to your company’s needs, please reach out to your dedicated front-office team or to the SAP MaxAttention team who organized this workshop.

Thank you to all our Presenters for the Industry sessions:

Consumer and Retail Industry: Achim Schneider, Andreas Sailer, Kristin Howell, Mahesh Babu MG, Sujoy Chowdhari, Harikrishnan Panakkal, Rakesh Rengasamy, David Crum

Automotive and Industrial Machinery: Sayan Bose, Jim Davis Jr, Francois Louw, Roman Herrera

Utilities and Oil, Gas and Energy: Mirjam Wittmann, Thomas Muller, Abhishek Singh, Stephane Lauzon, Mahdi Eydgahi, Ryan Weicker, Ashok Yadav, Philipp Hoffman

High-Tech Industry: Sridhar S, Chandra Reddy, Andrew LeBlanc

Please find here the slides presented during the workshop. Please find the recording here (Day 1, Day 2, Consumer & Retail Industries BR, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Industry BR, Utilities and High-Tech Industries BR, Oil & Gas Industries BR)

In case you are interested in further SAP Innovation Workshops click here or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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