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In-memory computing is allowing a whole new domain of problem solving and will definitely prove to be a next technology disruption to hit the enterprise software industry as it moves on from client server computing leveraging disk based data.

In-memory computing as it is defined today allows for massive amounts of data to be present in main memory for computing purposes, parallel processing at a massive scale on this massive amount of data. This makes for a heady cocktail when it comes to solving data and processing intensive problems, leading us straight into the domain of predictive computing and artificial intelligence oriented algorithms working on massive data set.

SAP’s Cloud for Customer solution portfolio is one such offering that intends to leverage the above mentioned capabilities in subsequent releases and I would like to point out three key pieces of functionality that will be enabled within the product to make the lives to salespeople easier.

The first functionality is around being able to find new business in the form of potential leads and opportunities to do business leveraging diverse sources of structured and unstructured data through the predictive computing engine offered by SAP HANA and coming up with an intelligent set of potential leads and opportunities to pursue for further business.

The second functionality provides the sales representative the ability to dig deep into business undertaken by the enterprise with customers in the past to come up with intelligent suggestions about maximizing revenue potential in opportunities in cross selling and up selling products to customers. The algorithm is designed to trawl all historical transactions, do all manner of multiple variable analyses and intelligently deduce cross sell and up sell products along with associated probability.

The third functionality is in the domain of making transactions go smoother by associating with and leveraging the right set of stakeholders at the customer leveraging the tenets of social selling. This functionality would enable the sales representative to leverage an explicit and implicit network of people who will help them become successful. Sales people get the opportunity to get warm introductions instead of cold calling around to get a lucky hit among potential stakeholders. The right set of stakeholders influencing the destiny of a potential deal is just what the doctor ordered to make the life of a sales rep much easier.

Check out the video below for an overview...

Stay tuned to learn more about these next generation capabilities available on the finger tips of sales reps via their mobile devices that will be an integral part of the Cloud for Sales solution offering powered by SAP HANA.

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*DISCLAIMER: Actual screens might look different on your screen based on final solution functionality delivered.