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In campaign execution, there arises a need to revisit various aspects of a running campaign. For e.g. am I reaching to the right audience for my campaign. Do I need to reconsider my audience? Or Am I executing this in the right frequency. Do I need to reach to my contacts more/less often?

Having the option to make such changes for an already running campaign gives the marketer the flexibility to make decisions based on the ever-changing circumstances. It also reduces the need of creating multiple campaign for every little change the marketer wishes to do.

With SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 1708, it is now possible to do the following for an already running campaign

  • Change the Target group of an already running campaign.

  • Change the email content used in an already running campaign.

This blog talks about how can the marketer change the target group of a running campaign.

Let’s take a scenario where in the marketer initially reaches out to an audience (Target Group 1) for an event and expects to reach a certain #of registration. With this he sets up a campaign and starts it.

However, after certain time, the marketer realizes that he is not reaching the desired expected number of registrations. He therefore wishes to reach more people and therefore change the target group.

In SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 1708 after pausing the campaign and clicking on the ‘Edit’, the marketer can go the target group node and change the target group. After he has done, he can start the campaign again.

That there is a history of target group is also visually indicated on the target group node.

The user can also see the history of target group used: