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Amazingly, Tencent’s WeChat, a social networking app with more than 760 million monthly active users, is becoming a dominant mobile channel connecting businesses and customers. A large number of companies are using WeChat official accounts to promote brands and products. For example, Burberry and Lenovo operate microstores in WeChat.


We are excited to announce that in SAP Hybris Marketing 1608, we offer the WeChat integration, which makes personalized WeChat customer engagement possible. WeChat followers and their interactions with WeChat official accounts are synchronized to SAP Hybris Marketing. Marketing experts can view analytical data about followers and interactions. With a China-specific segmentation profile, marketing experts can create target groups out of WeChat followers on the basis of geographic location. Then they can send marketing messages or coupons to WeChat followers by creating WeChat campaigns in SAP Hybris Marketing.



Here are the key features:


WeChat Official Account Integration & Analysis

Marketing Experts will be able to integrate and manage the WeChat official accounts in SAP Hybris marketing and analyze on the contact interactions from WeChat in real time.

  • Create / Maintain Official Accounts

  • View WeChat Official Account details.

  • Integrate WeChat contacts/interactions of the official account in real-time

  • Analyze on the contact acquisition status and their interactions.


Segmentation with WeChat profile and Baidu Map

Marketing experts are enabled to easily make segmentation with WeChat official account attributes and view geo-location from Baidu map.

  • Localized profile with WeChat attributes

  • Display geo-location with Baidu Map


WeChat Campaign Execution & Analysis

Marketing experts are enabled to execute WeChat campaign in SAP Hybris marketing and analyze the campaign success report.

  • WeChat automated campaign (periodic/once)

  • WeChat automated campaign (interaction trigger based)

  • WeChat campaign content integration

  • WeChat campaign feedback analytics


Demo video: