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The Readiness@Scale team is excited to share that the Q1 updates to the release navigator for SAP Customer Experience will be implemented on February 16, 2024. This update will include the most recent content available and incorporate enhanced user-experience (UX) elements based on your valuable recommendations.


As a team, we spent a significant amount of time aligning the overall user experience across each release navigator and focused on creating an even more unified look starting with a more modern approach to the My Home page.

Figure 1: My Home pageFigure 1: My Home page

  • Welcome: Important messages from the Readiness@Scale team will be found within this tile.
  • NEW! Release Calendar: Stay informed of the latest release dates that may impact your systems.
  • Re-designed! Product Enablement: Register for online enablement sessions, onside events, learnings & value maps brought to you by SAP Experts.
  • Product Release Resources: Utilize the available release resources from your products to maximize your time efficiency during the release.
  • About the Release Navigator: Enable yourself on the latest updates, access the Translation Feature, and explore the release navigators for SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, SAP Supply Chain Management solutions, and Spend Management & Business Network by SAP Enterprise Support.
  • Help Us Improve: Have any suggestions or feedback? Use the survey tile to submit any new ideas.

Major enhancements to the release navigator for SAP Customer Experience include a back arrow in SAP Commerce Cloud Documentation pages, a consolidated Customer Data Cloud Solutions product page for easier access, a Release Calendar that was highly requested, and a footer added to some of the tiles. On top of these UX improvements, you will notice content changes within some of the product pages.

Let's have a closer look at the newly added functionalities that have been developed exclusively for the release navigator for SAP CX as part of the upcoming Q1 update.

A navigation back arrow was added for SAP Commerce Cloud Documentation pages that allows users to return to the main SAP Commerce Cloud product page. To go back directly to the Home page, you can simply click the Home button on the Shell Bar.

Figure 3:  Back Arrow on SAP Commerce Cloud Documentation pageFigure 3: Back Arrow on SAP Commerce Cloud Documentation pageThe next change you will notice is the consolidation of the SAP Customer Data Cloud and Data Platform pages. From now on, you can find release content for both products on a single product page called SAP Customer Data Solutions.

Figure 3: SAP Customer Data Solutions pageFigure 3: SAP Customer Data Solutions pageAnother highly requested feature that has been mentioned above is the Release Calendar on My Home page, which includes all announced release dates across SAP Customer Experience solutions. The dates will be updated.

Figure 4: Release Calendar tile on My Home pageFigure 4: Release Calendar tile on My Home pageWe added a footer to some of the tiles on product pages. This enhancement helps you quickly identify the source of the content at first glance.

Figure 5: An example of tiles with a footerFigure 5: An example of tiles with a footerExplore the refreshed release navigator soon (February 16, 2024) by clicking on the button below:



With this update, we have incorporated several enhancements to improve the user experience of the release navigator. Starting after Q1, the release navigator for SAP Customer Experience will be integrating UX innovations once per year, in August along with the release content, as opposed to every quarter. For each release in FebruaryMay, and November only release content will be updated. Here you can find the innovation & content update plans for 2024.

update_dates.pngDisclaimer: These are only informational dates that could change. The Readiness@Scale team has the final decision over any UX modifications.



The release navigator for SAP Customer Experience is now only two clicks away from!

1.    Go to the new Release Ready page
2.    Click on the SAP Customer Experience link


You can also access the release navigator for SAP Customer Experience via the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps like before.


Picture 1.png

Follow the Readiness@Scale community tag, and Malgorzata Konopelska to stay up to date with the latest blog posts. If you have any feedback or specific requests regarding the release navigator, we would be more than happy to hear from you. We appreciate all feedback and value your input. In order to collect both positive reactions and constructive feedback, we have created a survey.


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