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Product and Topic Expert
To learn and develop new skills, some prefer to read; others prefer in-person lessons or classes; still others prefer videos; or if you’re like me, all three. For SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud architects, administrators, and end-user aficionados who prefer videos or want access to videos as one learning alternative, we have you covered! SAP Sales Cloud openSAP Microlearning videos and SAP Service Cloud openSAP Microlearning videos together include more than 175 instructional videos, and that number is growing.

And yet, there is a singularity of purpose among all these videos: to help you get the most out of your investments in SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud.

The rich content is yours to explore

For SAP Sales Cloud customers, have you ever wondered how to configure Custom Party Role Determination? Sure you have, or you are wondering now, and here’s how. If you’re not quite there yet in your SAP Sales Cloud journey, and just want to learn how to set up Out of Office, you’re on your way with this video!

For SAP Service Cloud customers who simply want an introduction, the title and content of this video are very clear. If you’re ready to integrate SAP Service Cloud with other applications, look here.

For other topics, simply scroll, search by keyword, date, duration, or role, and your videos will appear!

Learning made easy

SAP Sales Cloud openSAP Microlearning videos help you automate core sales processes and achieve more customer-centric sales engagements. The videos include business end user and expert topics such as:

  • Introduction to SAP Sales Cloud: This video provides a comprehensive overview of all the capabilities within the SAP Sales Cloud portfolio, such as Intelligent Sales Automation, Configure Price Quote, Sales Performance Management, and Revenue Management.

  • How to Set Up Sales Territories - SAP Cloud for Customer: Territory management helps your organization drive sales activity by allowing you to keep tabs on your sales territories and ensure that key sales accounts are staffed with your best sales representatives and that less productive sales accounts don't remain unstaffed. In this video you'll learn how to activate the territory management feature and define the levels of sales territory hierarchies. You'll also learn how to set up the root territory which is assigned to the initial level of the hierarchy. Finally, you'll learn how to assign new territories to the hierarchy at the levels below the root.

  • Integrating Marketing Cloud to Sales Cloud - SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Marketing Cloud: This video demonstrates how to leverage the integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud. You will learn about the business benefits and how to set up and configure the integration. The video also includes an example of an integrated lead management scenario in a B2B environment.

  • Complex Quotes Made Easy - SAP Sales Cloud: This video provides a demo of how SAP CPQ in works with SAP Sales Cloud to generate quick offers with configurable products. You’ll see how AI-based suggestions during the quotation process help with upsell and cross sell. The CPQ feature helps you with live calculations of item prices and expected commissions, keeping discounts and margin health in mind.

  • Key Account Management - SAP Sales Cloud: This video introduces the Key Account Management feature in SAP Sales Cloud. Key Account Management helps you implement your account strategy effectively by showing all relevant details in one place: account details, competitor details, buying center details, and more.

SAP Service Cloud openSAP Microlearning videos are designed to help you improve customer service efficiency and drive customer satisfaction. The videos have tracks for business end user and expert roles on topics including:

  • Introduction - SAP Service Cloud: This video introduces SAP Service Cloud and how its expansive set of capabilities can enable your service organization to understand your customers, engage with them, and deliver service excellence in a comprehensive way.

  • SAP Service Cloud Core Features: In this video you will learn about the SAP Service Cloud's core features, such as service channels, customer hub, and ticket management, with the help of a short product demo.

  • How to Work with Ticket Lists - SAP Service Cloud: This video demonstrates how to process tickets in the ticket list by providing details of features including creating ticket list filters, actions on multiple tickets, escalations, assigning tickets, and more.  

  • Configuring a Maintenance Plan - SAP Service Cloud: This video demonstrates how to enable and create a basic maintenance and service plan, and plan runs, in SAP Service Cloud. Maintenance plans help a service organization by executing preventive maintenance scenarios that were stipulated in the original service contract. The video concludes with a sample scenario.

Now, it’s time to stop reading and start watching. Please take a few minutes to explore the SAP Sales Cloud openSAP Microlearning videos and the SAP Service Cloud openSAP Microlearning videos, which lead you from the simplest topics to the most advanced nuances of customer engagements. You may appreciate that break from reading!

For even more information, we suggest you also visit the SAP Customer Experience engagement page, which will guide you to a deeper understanding of your SAP Customer Experience solution and a more streamlined enablement experience. If you have a specific question, post it on the Ask a Question page; experts at SAP and in the SAP user community are there to help.