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With 2022 coming to an end, it's time to recap. I'll do this also publicly via Labs Talk Live with a.neumeier next week, but here's already an overview of all shows and all links to the recorded live streams.

Labs Talk Year 2022 Recap

This is what a brief look at our shows for 2022 already tells me: there were two big focus areas. First, there was sustainability which really had an impact on many other areas, too. For example, we discussed sustainability when it comes to the supply chain with GreenToken, but also how blockchain can potentially be sustainable. And of course, we realized that solutions such as ReCommerce for Circularity are an essential building block to really, really achieve tangible outcomes.

Second, the then hyped Metaverse, Web3 and NFTs was our other big focus area. We looked at the Metaverse from multiple angles - from a future of work perspective, from an enterprise perspectie and also from an eCommerce perspective. We also did a deep dive on Web3, NFTs and smart contracts with Scott from my own team,  CX Intelligence and Incubation, which I enjoyed a lot.

We rounded things off this week with an interview with Shardul Vikram, Head of CX Intelligence and Incubation. He happened to be in Bangalore, Inda, at this point in time and we were lucky to get him on the show. We got some exciting inspiration from him, disucssed the topic of innovation and incubation and the impact on our organisation but also customers. Plus, we got some predictions: ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, maybe some metaverse news might come in 2023.

Off we go - this was 2022 - below are all shows and their links into the walled gardens of LinkedIn:

SAP Labs Talk - Ep1 - 2022

For the first episode of the new year Sven and Andreas are proud to have Adrian Nash, Head of Strategy at SAP Customer Experience, as their guest. In this round they're going to discuss predictions and what the coming year is going to bring. The pandemic changed many things over the past two years. In the third year of new normal, communication and cooperation will continue to change B2B and B2C customer customer expectations. Mobility will evolve and change consumer behaviour. The Metaverse may finally enter the main stage, where connected products will bridge the gap between physical and virtual worlds. We will have many exciting topics to kick off the new year. Stay tuned for our thoughts.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep2 - 2022 - Sustainable eCommerce

In this episode, the Labs Talk will host Dr. Matthias Brendel, Co-Founder & CEO Footprint Technologies. The company is enabling humans to measure their feet easily and accurately at home, to allow them to always find the perfect-fitting shoe. All to improve customer experience in online shoe shopping, but also to reduce return rates, therefore making commerce more sustainable. We’ll discuss the way to a more sustainable commerce model, including Footprint’s experience with SAP.iO, to onboard with the entire SAP ecosystem and observed impact. Both on development experiences and the environment. As always, we’re looking forward to your questions and comments! Let us know what you want to hear.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep3 - 2022 - The Future of Work

The workplace radically evolved with the advent of digital technology and underwent a seismic change in the past two years. With homeoffice having become the new normal for huge parts of a global workforce, the future of work is a dominating mega trend topic. SAP CX Labs Talk is happy to welcome Dr. Oliver Gutzeit, Global Lead for SAP Experience Technology in the Future of Work, to join us in this latest episode. We'll explore how professional workplaces changed and why SAP is a frontrunner in normalising trends, we'll discuss the future role of office space and the challenges we're all going to experience in any hybrid scenarios. And we'll try and look into even further future visions of what the Metaverse can do for the Future of Work.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep4 - 2022 - Enterprise Metaverse

In this episode of Labs Talk, we go fully virtual and enter the metaverse. Together with Rolf Messmer (CMO, RAUM) and Sebastian Kuehne (CDO, RAUM) we explore how virtual reality and business collaboration could look like in the future. We share our original recording within RAUM, including all the things that went wrong - minimal post-processing 🙂 Luckily it worked out really quite well and we've been able to touch on a lot of topics: the principles to apply in VR from the physical world, the importance of avatars, the role of blockchain and web3, just to name a few. #SAPMunich #LabsTalk #metaverse #enterprise #collaboration #futureofwork @SAP

SAP Labs Talk - Ep5 - 2022 - Metaverse Commerce

After we learned how and where we will cooperate in the future, here is the third part of our mini series on the Metaverse. In this episode we have the opportunity to talk to Dino Karl, Managing Director DACH at Expivi to learn more about the role of products in virtualised commerce. Customers demand increasing personalisation, that needs exchange between the physical world and online. The web3 has many ideas how customer experience will be different and we'll spend our show to debate what we can expect.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep6 - 2022 - Customer Data

In our Metaverse Mini Series we found out about all types of new customer engagement models. Today businesses are challenged to unify all customer data sources, respect data privacy, and activate rich insights in real time to exceed customer expectations across all types of customer engagements already. In the next episode we'll learn from Sven Esser about the options brands have and the importance for customer experience. As always, leave us your questions as a comment and we try to answer on the show.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep07 - 2022 - Last Mile Delivery with Milkman Technologies

Milkman Technologies has successfully been selected for SAP.iO's Spring Cohort that focuses on "Resilient Supplychains". It wouldn't be SAP CX Labs Talk if their solution wouldn't contribute to Customer Experience. In this episode we'll discuss how customer expectations shift, what role supply chain plays and why it's crucial for businesses to make the supply chain shock proof. Customer Loyalty is largely influenced by convenience and Last Mile Delivery has huge impacts on the individual perception. Delivery is nowadays a meaningful lever that contributes to the personal shopping experience. Antonio Perini, CEO at Milkman Technologies, will chat with us how they are helping Home Delivery Carriers and Retailers with a fleet to create a superior and sustainable Customer Experience. Let us know whether there is anything you want to know in the comments!

SAP Labs Talk - Ep08 - 2022 - Blockchain & Sustainability with GreenToken

With all the hype around Web3, Metaverse and NFTs, we thought it makes sense to also take a critical look at blockchain technology. How do blockchains affect sustainability? What does PoW and PoS mean and why does it matter? And what about hyperscalers and datacenters - are they running on green energy? Our interviewee, James Veale, is one of the co-founders of GreenToken by @SAP. GreenToken’s unique digital twin on a blockchain approach provides transparency to any raw material facts you wish to trace such as commodity origin, child labour free or recycled/sustainable status. #SAPMunich #LabsTalk @SAP #blockchain #sustainability @james-veale-green-token

SAP Labs Talk - Ep09 - 2022: Legal Aspects of Crypto, NFTs and DAOs

With the hype around NFTs coming to and end, we also wanted to take a more critical and legal view at topics such as crypto, NFTs and DAOs. The latter, Distributed Autonomous Organisations are just another currently trending topic in the blockchain scene. But how can all these new forms of collaboration, ownership and new currencies be combined or integrated with existing organisations? We for sure found a perfect expert to discuss this: Philipp is heading the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center! What a guest, we're thrilled to talk to him.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep10 - 2022: Customer Experience AI Assistants

For this episode, we're turning towards our own team and are excited to have Utsavi and Aria from SAP Customer Experience Intelligence & Incubation on board. Both are experts for AI Assistants and we'll of course give you a good overview and introduction what AI Assistants mean for CX (and beyond?), how they can make your work easier and what we can potentially expect from new tech innovations.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep11 - 2022: Customer Experience AI Services

After having kicked off a series of interviews over Innovation and Incubation with "AI Assistants", in this episode we're looking behind the curtain. AI Services power other Products and help create better Customer Experiences. Our guest Terison Gregory, Head of AI & ML, will explain the different types and applications of Artificial Intelligence to us. Join us to learn more about use cases and applications of #AI in Customer Experience.

SAP Labs Talk - Ep12 - 2022: Customer Experience in Web3

We're thrilled to be talking to Scott Young, Head of Web3 at SAP CX. Of course we discuss all things NFTs, Web3 and Blockchain, but we'll take a down-to-earth and utility-focused spin on it. We'll also be able to discuss the recently launched SAP Web3 Cloud: attendees of the #sapcxlive conferences around the globe were already able to claim their exclusive #NFT. Lot's to discuss, be sure to put this onto your calendar!


SAP Labs Talk - Ep13 - 2022: Tangible Sustainability in Customer Experience

Outside the Metaverse, Sustainability has been a repeated topic on the show this year. This time we're getting hands on with Ken Fajardo, Head of SAP Feather and Recommerce. Logistics, Supply Chains, returned products and Circular Economy immediately come to mind. Ken explains to us where at SAP of Customer Experience sustainability will have the biggest impact. Throughout the conversation we'll touch all dimensions that Sustainability shares with Customer Experience.

SAP LabsTalk - Ep14 - 2022: Innovation & Incubation SAP Customer Experience

LabsTalk has seen amazing guests in 2022. And still, the upcoming episode feels like we kept the best for the end. Shardul Vikram, SVP Head of Intelligence and Incubation will be our last interview partner for the year. We'll discuss the necessity for innovation in the market, the impact of innovation on organisation and how SAP is leading the conversation. Glad to have Shardul as our guest and looking forward to insights into how Customer Experience will evolve and eventually be disrupted.

Aaaand - the final episode, as mentioned at the beginning, will be the Recap 2022 - sign up (or view...