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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP beliefs customer feedback is so important. Your feedback helps us to

·        Improve the products, services & experience

·        Improvise the ways to measure delighting customers

·        Take tangible actions to make better decisions which enables better customer satisfaction

·        Identify the needs of customer advocacy


1.      How does this work with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Support?

Customers provide feedback on resolution of single incidents. Customer will get an email notification with the survey link per incident while they perform the complete action on the incident. The below snapshot shows the action complete from the drop down.

Customer receives the email notification with a survey link. The survey will have the following 5 questions

Please take the time to provide your feedback and send it back to us.

2.      How to interpret the Survey Scale

SAP started measuring very satisfied feedback from our customer via the rating 5 since we want to continuously evolve our delivery and delight you, always. The survey questions will focus on your overall experience with support & product respectively.

3.      What happens when you rate an incident?

Support Management team will review the feedback and take immediate corrective action if required even in conjunction with the customer. In case you rate 5 for the 3rd question, we will make sure that the team(s) and the employee(s) involved know that they have done a great job. If you rate 1 or 2 due to severe dis-satisfaction; as part of the review our management team will personally reach out to you via phone call.  

4.      Who can guide you with more information if required?

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Customer Engagement Executive if you have one. If you don’t have, please ask your queries while you interact with cloud product support.