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For project reason I need to play around with product model functionality in CRM. I searched for SCN but found not so many useful document. So I tried it in my system and share my limited learning with you.

The prerequisite to use this function could be found from SAP help.

And you should first switch on configurable flag for the product type via customizing below:

1. Create a new product and make sure "Configurable" flag is clicked:

Save the product. Now you should see "Product Model" assignment block. Click "Edit List" to create a new model:

2. Create a new Characteristic based on "UNGROUPED":

Choose String as data type:

Based on this size characteristic, create three local values:

Create another COLOR characteristic:

And the third characteristic for Accessory number:

3. Set the model status to Released:

And click "Apply Changes":

Now the model is ready for simulation:

Once you click Simulation button, you can configure the model according to available characteristic value maintained in previous step:

Once you have done value selection, click preview hyperlink:

You will get an overview of configured product model:

More advanced features to be learned soon.

Further reading

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