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Product and Topic Expert
Content covered in this blog:

  • You can give direct feedback in the SAP Commerce Cloud Portal using the icon on top

  • Please tell us exactly what you would like to be added or changed, so we can act on it

  • The first requested changes have been implemented, more are to come


It has been already several months since we introduced feedback capabilities powered by Qualtrics into our SAP Commerce Cloud Portal. Since then, we went through a steep learning curve. With this blog, we would like to allow you to participate in these learnings and see some examples of changes we made based on your input via this new communication channel.


Just as a refresher, we introduced a feedback possibility into the SAP Commerce Cloud Portal in June 2020. This portal is used by the more technical users who are operating the commerce platform on the customer side. The feedback channel extends already available communication channels (such as this SAP Community page) to interact with SAP and gives customers the opportunity to provide feedback immediately and directly to our product development and operations teams. We do not want to bother you with pop up screens that may interrupt your workflow. That is why we introduced an icon (image below) to access the feedback form whenever you would want to make us aware of anything important.

SAP Commerce Cloud Feedback Button

Our lessons learned

We learned a lot since we launched the new functionality. Here some highlights…


  1. Customers are willing to give feedback.
    Although we started with a very narrow use case in just one part of our Commerce Cloud service, we received more than 140 structured feedbacks from individuals within our customer base. Most of our customers giving feedback are satisfied with our product, its capabilities and especially its ease-of-use. THANK YOU!

  2. Analyze and communicate.
    We decided to come together as a virtual team bi-weekly to review feedback and discuss actions. Our team consists of product managers, development leads, UX specialists, researchers and customer success experts. This has proven helpful to get the most out of the input we receive from you.

  3. Make it crisp and short.
    Our UX team made sure we use a very short but meaningful methodology called UMUX Lite & PSAT (Usability Metric for User Experience & Product Satisfaction). It consists of three questions and a free text field. Using this methodology helps us to get a quick insight into the perceived overall product satisfaction, ease of use and usefulness of our service. You can find a lot more on this methodology online if you are interested.

  4. Derive actions.
    Deriving actions from the feedback is of the highest importance to us. And here is where it gets a bit complicated. We do not collect personal identifiable information. We only know which company provided feedback but not the individual who provided it. That’s why we cannot follow up with individuals from the customer or partner to clarify any feedback provided. We learned that the input from the free text field in our survey is of most importance to our development team. Customers write exactly what they like and what needs to improve. These written feedbacks allow us to review and prioritize our development backlog and roadmap.


What we have done based on your feedback so far

We are grateful for having such an active and constructive customer base and have collected much valuable input. This does help us to align with your priorities and to re-think approaches taken by us to deliver certain use cases in our cloud service. Here are some examples of recent changes that we introduced based on your feedback, with more to come:


API token improvement: For some customers the generation of the tokens necessary for using the automation API failed. A patch to fix this could be rolled out quickly and the service restored.


Deployment confirmation: Customers with many environments mentioned that in the final confirmation dialogue for a deployment the target environment was missing, forcing them to close the dialogue again to re-check. We added the environment information now so that it becomes crystal clear what you are deploying to which environment.


Please continue providing us with your feedback!

We appreciate every single feedback that you send. You are helping us tremendously managing the inbound flow of feedback from all customers if you take these few aspects into consideration.

  1. Be open, honest and precise.
    Use this new channel to our product organization. What is working well and what is not? What did you miss? Is there something that could be simplified? All that is of importance to us.

  2. No personal data, please.
    Do not put your name, email address or other personal identifiable information into the free text form. If you do, we will have to delete your input for data privacy reasons.

  3. This is not a support channel.
    Please do not use the feedback functionality for support requests. Your SAP support channel is available for opening support tickets which will then be channeled to the right expert so that they can get directly back to you on your specific request.


This leaves us with a big THANK YOU for your interest in this short blog. We are looking forward to hearing from you!