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Capacity planning for consistent service delivery, ensuring that end users have the right network resources and reducing or eliminating over-provisioning by identifying the user needs and work efficiently with the different SAP interfaces.


  • PC running:

    • Windows 10

    • Internet Explorer

    • HTML 5

    • Version 1702

  • User simulations were done based on sales and services navigations

  • All the navigations include the January’s 2017 top 20 interactions

  • The simulations assume that every user processes 4 objects per hours for sales and 12 objects for service

  • All interactions include attachments of 200 KB

  • The calculations are only for C4C bandwidth and don’t consider any other internet or internal network needs that the customer might have.

  • Factors like bigger attachments, usage of the app, integration, etc could change the requirements



Sales Navigations:

Bandwidth (Mbps) = (Concurrent Users*0.0124)

Service Navigations:

Bandwidth (Mbps) = (Concurrent Users*0.0300)

Concurrent Users: the number of simultaneous (concurrent) users accessing the C4C platform.





Cloud solutions are only as good as the network that supports them. It is recommended to evaluate the current network performance by using traffic generators, network analyzers and active measurement tools to understand the current services and create a capacity plan to ensure that the size of the network is sufficient to support the forecasted workload based on the previous requirements.