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Scenario -

     Replication of product from SAP CRM to Cloud for Customer (C4C) is not working.

Pre-requisites -

  • Integration between C4C and SAP CRM is setup correctly.
  • Required iFlow is deployed in case of HCI
  • This issue will most probably occur in the case of migration of product categories. Make sure that ID mapping for product categories in C4C side is done properly.

Issue -

     There is a failed web service error item in web service monitor. The payload does not show any product category coming into C4C. Error text in Error Log is "Activation not permitted; cross-process category missing".

     IDOC at SAP CRM side has proper data for product category and product hierarchy.

     There is no change made with standard iFlow for this scenario.

Reason -

     One of the possible reason for this is the missing value mapping in HCI.

     When you open the iFlow mapping for CRM to COD Material Replication ( and check the mapping of product category, you will find that there is a formula below to derive the product hierarchy out of value mapping. Screenshot is provided below.

     Mouse hover on valueMapping box in above figure will explain the value happing used in this formula. Screenshot is attached below.

     The reason of the error is that value mapping is not maintained properly.


Resolution -

     Now you need to go to the iFlow of value mapping ( and maintain the mapping for the above combination. The combination is as below:

     On SAP CRM side -> Agency = SNDPRN, Identifier = HIERARCHYID

     On C4C side -> Agency = COD , Identifier = HIERARCHYID

     Screenshot of the iFlow is provided below.

     Which value of SNDPRN should be mapped to HIERARCHYID? The value of SNDPRN is available in IDOC, you need to go to control record of IDOC and in the Partner tab you will find Sender information -> "Partner number". The value of this field is the value in SNDPRN. Screenshot attached below.

     HIERARCHYID will be the ID of the product hierarchy to which the product category of the replicated product belong to.


     Once this mapping is maintained, and value mapping iFlow deployed, the material replication from SAP CRM to C4C will no more give the above error.

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