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On Oct 9th, 2014, at the CRM-expo in Germany, maihiro, one of our value added reseller (VAR) partners from Germany, won a live, on-stage “duel” that pitted the SAP Cloud for Customer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings against each other.

maihiro and Infoman, a partner of choice for Microsoft Dynamics, were asked to present and demo an end-to-end process of CRM Opportunity Management, including deal room collaboration.

The scenario entailed easily creating an opportunity in CRM, finding subject matter experts and collaborating on the opportunity with an extended team, leveraging mobility, seamless virtual team work leading to the successful close of the opportunity resulting in a deal and all this on the back of strong, efficient and effective CRM and enterprise collaboration powered by a combination of SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Jam.

maihiro did an excellent job in showing the power of SAP’s integrated end to end solution leveraging SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Jam’s CRM work patterns.

During the solution presentation and live demo, maihiro highlighted the following:

  • Intuitive and integrated, SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Jam that was very well received by line of business sales solution users
  • Very efficient process to create a new Opportunity in SAP Cloud for Customer, based on existing Account and/or Lead information
  • Ability to leverage all available customer data (360 degree customer view), also on mobile device, during the whole Opportunity Management process
  • Rich functionality when it comes to internal and external collaboration (SAP Jam), strengthening the end-to-end Opportunity Management process; showing seamless integration between SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Jam

The competition, Infoman AG, tried to win the game focusing on the integration of Microsoft CRM Dynamics with applications such as Outlook, Word and Sharepoint.

But, the WINNER was MAIHIRO!!! and it was well deserved.

Great solutions with a great demo resulting in an amazing presentation to and experience for the audience …………. nothing more to add 🙂

Congratulations to SAP VAR partner, MAIHIRO!

Check out the video of the event (in German)…

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