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The Loyalty Aug update is here.

This update has some great news for new and potential clients.

Loyalty Migration

Loyalty upgraded the migration capabilities. So if you want to join SAP Emarsys Loyalty and already have a current loyalty program, you can move your users more easily to us.
Our migration enables you to:

  • Migrate your users with their original join date

  • Their current Level and the date they entered the Level

  • Move all your users' accumulated points, including the date they earned them. This is very important, as the points will stay with their original expiration date.


Loyalty Self Onboarding

We added a new menu item: "Add-Ons" -> "Loyalty Configurations".
From there, the customer can create his Loyalty API key, Loyalty Wallet credentials, and Loyalty RDS connection without help from support.

Furthermore, the Account owner can enable/disable the keys and create new ones.

In the future will add more options to this menu.

Loyalty Configurations


SKU Identifier

When using the product catalog in a Promotion action or Tier settings, you can now see the SKUID of the product chosen by hovering with your cursor over the product name.

Product Catalog