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List of User Types in SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Customer solution provide the following user types:

Initial User

Initial User ID and Password will be provided by SAP Once the New tenant is created and the credentials of the Initial User will be sent to Customers IT contacts via Email. With this User ID customer will be able to login to the SAP Cloud for Customer for the first time and configure the Service Agents & Business Users accordingly.

Customer need to login to SAP Cloud for Customer with this Initial User ID, In order to create service agents, customer must first complete your implementation project setup. This means, the project cannot be in status "In Preparation" it must be on "Started" status. To do that, you simply have to edit the project scope and go until the last step "Finish". After that, you need to complete the activity "Confirm Milestone: Design Accepted".

Then the solution will allow you to create the Service agent and Request Business User out of it, create Password and assign the Administrator Access to the User.

Once the Administrator is created, Administrator must lock the Initial User or Initial User will get lock automatically after 30 days after being issued by SAP.

Business User

A user type for normal interactive users resulting from hiring an employee or creating a service agent. Business users always have to change their initial password during the first logon. The properties of the passwords are determined by the assigned security policy.

Note: Service agents are used for external users, for example, partners or partner contacts. Apply specific security policies and use specific roles to keep internal and external employees separated. We also recommend that you lock external users as soon as they are no longer needed.

Technical User

A user type for non-interactive usage, either predefined by SAP for technical operations or resulting from the creation of communication arrangements. Technical users either do not have passwords or have password but do not have to change them.

Support User

A user type for interactive support users used by SAP Cloud Services to access the system as part of incident processing.

Note: If support users receive a ticket and realize that they have to access the customer system in order to analyze the problem (for example, if they were not able to replicate and solve the issue in the internal test or development systems), they use the Cloud Access Manager (CAM) tool is to generate temporary access to the corresponding customer system. Support users are not allowed to share these details. The CAM tool keeps a log of which user generated which support user at what date and time. So it is always possible to link a generic support user back to the real person.

Support users follow the pattern SAP_*.
It is often necessary to specify different security policies for different users. For example, your policy may mandate that individual users who perform tasks interactively change their passwords on a regular basis.

You can only specify security policies for the Business User user type.

For more details please visit the SAP Cloud for Customer Support Guide for Key Users and End Users 


Ankit K