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Do you need to request a license key? If yes, you have come to the right place! 

This blog post will help you understand how license keys work along with step-by-step guidance on how to request them. 

What is a License Key? 

A license key gives an authorized user a data string that, upon installation, unlocks a software product and makes it available for use. To operate your SAP software legally and in accordance with your agreed contract, you would require a license key assigned by SAP. 


The modular structure of SAP software licenses allows you to license and pay only for the functionality and capacity needed at any given time.   



Read below to learn more on how to request a License Key. 



Here are the steps to follow so you can request your license key. 

  • Access using valid S-User ID and password 

  • Choose customer, product and installation number 

  • Click on ‘+’ symbol to add system 

  • Choose correct Product and version from drop-down list 

  • Enter a system ID (format - 3 alphanumeric combination, eg., A12) 

  • Give a system name (free text) 

  • Click on ‘+’ symbol to add license key 

  • Choose license type 

  • Click on ‘Add’ 

  • The Customer Interaction Center have created a Video on How to request a License Key  


Things to remember before requesting a license key. 

  1. Your S-User ID will need to have the authorization to request a license key 

  2. If  you experience any issue  when requesting a license key please create an incident  under the component XX-SER-LIKEY to request technical assistance. 


 Check out for the important KBA on requesting license keys based on different SAP products. 

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     9. 2511372-How to request a license key for SAP SQL Anywhere 


                                     Thank you for reading, we hope you found it useful! 


                                                       Monika R 


  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the Q&A  All Questions in Customer    Experience | SAP Community and All Questions in Support Services | SAP Community  


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