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You can get real-time support anytime and anywhere. 

In this blog post, you will learn all about How to create a support case in SAP for Me. The case form is used to report technical/functional issues with an SAP product or SAP support application. If you have a "How to" question, visit the SAP Community Questions & Answers where you can post questions to knowledgeable users and share ideas. To ensure SAP experience is as smooth and effective as possible, we suggest you Go to SAP for Me > Services & Support > Get Support (Case creation) 

Case reporting capabilities are based on your S-user ID authorization(s) as follows. Click  About the User, Authorization and Administrator Concept ( to view case management authorizations and the levels they can be assigned at. To request authorizations, use the self-service request (see KBA 2399199 - How to use the Draft Case function - SAP for Me - SAP for Me 

  • Display Cases 

  • Display all Cases 

  • Report a Technical Issue 

  • Send Cases to SAP 

  • Close Cases 

When using Get Support (Cases, Expert Chat...), one of the following channels will automatically be recommended to offer the best channel based on your issue. You will still have the ability to choose your favourite channel: 

The following information describes how to Create a Support Case see the Get Support Help Topic for more details

  • Left-hand section: An interactive navigation allows you to jump between online form sections.

  • Middle section: Predictive service to guide you through an online form and help you provide the most useful information to describe the issue.

  • Right-hand section: Dynamic AI-driven tools recommend solutions, updated in real-time as you input more information.

  • During any step below, click Exit located top right and click Yes to discard the case. Click No if you would like to save the case as a draft (see KBA 2399199 - How to use the Draft Case function - SAP for Me)

1.Go to SAP for Me > Get Support (Cases, Expert Chat...)

2.If prompted, select a Customer (used for SAP Partners or Corporate (CCC) Groups)

3.Basic Information section will prompt you to fill in specific required information

Short Description - enter a short description of the product technical issue you are facing. Be as specific as possible. This information is consumed by artificial intelligence (AI) predictor services to recommend the most appropriate product and product function to classify your issue, and the best support channel to help you.

Language - Default is your preferred language. The supported languages are: English, German, Japanese, and Chinese

System - It is important you select the correct system in order to make sure SAP Support can process your case as quickly as possible.

Product - Determines which product functions, suggestions, and support assistants are shown. If you don't see the expected product area, search for it using key terms related to the product you would like to use, or go back and select a different system.

Product Function - Enables you to reach the correct support team. You can either select from the Recommended list, or from all which belong to the selected Product. A machine learning service determines in the background the best component for entered text and selected Product Function. This component is assigned in the background and is used to submit the case.

Priority - The system will default to Medium priority. See SAP Note 67739 - Priority of problem cases for information about case priority.

  • Priority choices will only show what can be chosen for the case based on the Product and Product Function; some areas do not allow High or Very High.

  • When you select High you must fill in the Business Impact

  • When you select Very High, you must select a Primary and Secondary Contact. You also must fill in Business Impact and explain the details.

  • Once you submit/send to SAP, it is not possible to edit the priority while it is with SAP. Contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC)if you need to change it. Please have the business impact information prepared as CIC will ask for it (KBA 1281633 - Speed Up Processing of a Case).

  • When the case is on your side, you will be able to change the priority (see KBA 1522544 - How to change the priority of a support case - SAP for Me).

4.Click Continue

5.Best Action - Depending on the type of product issue you are facing one support channel might be more favorable than others to resolve it: Modern technologies using artificial intelligence and previous case solution rates will determine which Best Action support channel is recommended. It is listed at the top of the page, followed by Alternative Channels that you can select from.

6.Click Create a Case

7.Detailed Information is next (for this example the support assistant is not shown)

Support Assistant: Depending on the Product and Product Function specified in a previous step, the Support Assistant will ask you a series of questions to help categorize your issue type. It will then ask you category-specific technical questions to further narrow down the issue type. This provides SAP with more details and helps speed up the resolution time. As you answer questions and supply more and more details, the Support Assistant will continually suggest Recommended Solutions that may help you identify a solution right away. Clicking this content will open a new browser tab and will be recorded, so SAP knows what resources you have already reviewed.

Detailed Description - Enter a full description of the error or problem. Be as accurate as possible as this will help the application provide the most suitable recommended solutions in real-time.

Steps to Reproduce - Outline the steps to reproduce the issue clearly and concisely.

  • By ticking the permission checkbox, you grant the approval for SAP Support to reproduce the described issue for the non-production environments using the steps you provided in the case.

  1. Click Continue

  2. Attachments section (optional)

Allows you to add file attachments to the case you are creating. These attachments help SAP Support better understand your issue and analyze the root cause. (See KBA 1277146 - What file types can be attached to a support case? - SAP for Me for attachment types.)

To attach a file to the case, either drag and drop it into the highlighted area of the form, or click the Choose File button and select the file on your local computer.

In some cases depending on the product and production function, a list of Suggested Files is shown in the form (click HERE for more information)

10.Click Continue

11.Contacts is next

Reporter: The contact data of the reporter is displayed here. You cannot change the reporter of a case. Click the edit (pencil) icon to change any contact details.

Primary ContactSecondary Contact, and System Opener (The person to open the remote connection. If system opener also needs to update the case, please make sure the S-user has case relevant authorizations)

  • To enter details, click the Search icon. The Select a Contact dialog is shown. Scroll through the list of S-users in your company or use the search to identify the correct person. When you click an entry in the list, the name and contact details for the respective person will be entered into the form.

Additional Contacts - Click the Add New Contact link in the bottom left hand corner to add further contacts who will be notified of any changes to the case. The Add New Contact dialog will be opened and lets you enter the name and contact options. Select Submit to save.

12.Click Continue

13.Submit section is next

You will be presented with content that may help you resolve the issue without submitting the case.

The Component field is used internally at SAP to categorize your case. Based on the information provided it is prefilled. Click the Edit icon to change it.

The process step indicator on the left allows you to return and update previous sections.

Alternative Support Channels are once again presented in case you wish at this point to switch to another support channel (see above for more details on those channels)

14.Click Submit Case - Only active if all required elements are filled in.

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Thanks for reading!

We hope you found this useful. Please note that the Customer Interaction Center is always happy to guide you on any of the mentioned processes and assist you with any queries you may have.

If you have any questions, please post in the Q&A (Question & Answer) section here: All Questions in Customer Experience | SAP Community and All Questions in Support Services | SAP Community

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A very detailed blog that covers every aspect of case creation in the new SAP for Me portal.

Good reference material for case creation.
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Product and Topic Expert
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