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As a long time Emarsys employee, I have always enjoyed cross functional projects that bring our various teams together to accomplish a common goal. However, nothing in my past has been able to connect two groups as well as launching this webinar series has connected our marketing and adoption teams. The vision started last fall during apple's roll out of iOS 15  when a small group of us made the decision to put out a webinar on the topic even before it was fully rolled out. The release was full of unknowns, a ton of speculation, and it impacted anyone that manages an email list, but we knew that our clients needed the guidance and recurrence that we were there for them and working on a solution to gain more insight into the new challenge marketers faced. The webinar was candid, informative, and met with positive reception from our clients at which point we knew we were on to something bigger. 

Watch the iOS15 webinar that started it all here

Fast forward 6 months and now we have made it a priority to continue to share knowledge by delivering regular webinar sessions focused on demystifying the buzz words in our space and discussing real world challenges our clients encounter everyday. With the support of our marketing teams, the technical adoption specialist group has been able to start to build a platform to share our experiences, invite special guests for outside perspective, and highlight the successes our clients are accomplishing on the platform.

Our goal is to produce tangible content that any digital marketer could pick up and get inspiration from to in order to drive their own customer experience forward. So far the series has covered some fairly focused topics regarding customer lifecycle marketing and demystifying omnichannel strategy.

We are well aware that our industry is full of buzzwords and high level keynote speeches that leave the marketer feeling confused or bored. Our team is working to bridge the gap between these industry terms and the technical execution of the topics we are discussing

During our first season lifecycle marketing, we had 3 episodes covering lead nurturing & acquisition, powering effective post purchase campaigns, and ways to win-back defecting/inactive customers. In these sessions, we covered some of the basics of the content and segmentation strategy we typically see clients focusing on or struggling with while building these types of automations.

All episodes are available on demand on our website


We feel that sometimes the hardest part about choosing to implement programs like this is know what content should be included and what sub-segments we should be treating differently. While the recording did not dive into the specific on how to launch the programs, we felt that it covered a necessary conversation about the programs we typically have prior to a client deciding that the program is right for their brand.

Our group is so excited to continue building out content with our marketing team which we hope supports our clients and fellow digital marketers. As a group, we have really enjoyed brainstorming on these topics and challenging each other as we agree on what issues to cover in each episode. We hope that others will find the content thought provoking and will encourage marketing teams to continue to strive to deliver the best experience possible to their customers.

In the modern day, marketing is as much a servant to the customer as it is to the business and we believe that with a healthy automation and content strategy any brand can surprise and delight their customers with a top notch omnichannel experience.

On our next episode will dive into the web experience and how to optimize your opt-in strategy.

In AMER, Josh brown will sit down with our UK colleague Josh Ledger.

In DACH we will offer the series on demand with speakers Raschid Austin and Christian Jacken.

20220426 Dach Ps 2 Episode 1 Additional Context Image Webinar 1100x200px 01

And last but not least our APAC region will be presented on May 19th by Sherry Chao and Katrina Lim.

20220519 Apac Ps 2 Episode 2 Additional Context Image Webinar 1100x200px V1

If anyone has any topics that would like us to discuss in the future, please feel free to put them down in the comments!