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Together with Gordon Williams, we discuss how NFC & Bluetooth can be explored via the Espruino line of boards. As a special treat, we talk about Gordon’s latest Kickstarter project - the Bangle.js!

The topic BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a big part of this podcast and should more interesting these days than ever. BLE is the technology used for the German Corona Virus Tracing App. We are covering topics such as BLE advertisements and also dive a bit into scanning for other devices, as well as discovering services and characteristics they offer.

Besides this, we discuss another very relevant technology these days: NFC. It's for example used by all contact-less payments which again are more relevant in times of Corona.

Fianlly, Gordon talks about the Bangle.js smartwatch, which is a hackable, Javascript-powered smartwatch that is now available for purchase. The Bangle.js smartwatch might be the easiest and most fun way to dive into the world of BLE and I can highly recommend to get one for experimentation and testing. But by now there are also quite a few really serious applications available.

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