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5.     Set Queries Visibility property in Page Layouts (To be released with 1911 Hot Fix Collection 02)

Visibility of queries in page layouts can be set in the side panel like all property changes for other elements unlike HTML5 adaptation where query visibility was set in the Organize Query screen. With such changes we bring consistency on how properties are set across all UI elements.

You can set the query visibility by following the below steps:

  1. Once you start adaptation in the Data Set screen (OWL), the list view is selected (shown with red border)

  2. Select the parent component till you reach the UI component level

  3. Navigation to the child element of the Implementation node and then to Queries

  1. You can now set the visibility property for any of the available queries


The above steps apply for master layout as well as for individual page layouts.


6.      Embedded Reports

Embedded reports can be added at the view level. So you need to navigate to the View level and then add a report, a section or even a mashup.

7.      Create a tab and move fields

You see now how to create a new tab in a Thing Inspector screen in Fiori client and then move fields to this new tab.

8.      Delete Change Transactions

In the above video, we created a new tab and moved fields from the header to the new tab. Now if you want to delete the change transaction, you can do that as shown in the video. Note that once the CT is deleted, the field comes back to the previous location where it was placed before the move.