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SAP’s future CRM or better stated Customer Engagement solutions strategy revolves around the following pillars.
1. User Experience
2. HANA Cloud Platform
3. HANA Cloud Integration
4. Line of Business Solutions
5. Industry Solutions

User Experience
This is the cornerstone of any solution that looks to see mass adoption and leave behind satisfied and happy users. SAP will embrace the latest and greatest on offer be it HTML5 or native technologies to deliver next generation solution experience on any and every device and associated platform be it Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry or some local home grown platform serving a niche geography or market unit. Social will be at the heart of everything we do.

HANA Cloud Platform
SAP’s big bet on in memory technology is seeing a lot of traction in the market and as this technology matures and gives rise to new business practices to better understand customers, run manufacturing and service operations and engage with suppliers. As part of our Customer Engagement solutions we are at the forefront of leveraging the transactional, analytic and predictive capabilities of this platform offering.

HANA Cloud Integration
Nobody doubts the power to seamlessness and interoperability when it comes to the enterprise solution landscape and SAP intends to bring the same old school rigor to the in memory computing solution paradigm as we have done in the past for mainframe and client server computing and this will help organizations leverage the best of all worlds when it comes to enterprise solutions running on a robust business suite enterprise solution powered by SAP HANA.

Line of Business Solutions
SAP has undertaken tremendous design thinking to understand enterprise solution use and how HANA capabilities like predictive can be articulated as simple day in life solution offerings when it comes to helping marketing, sales, service and commerce professionals. SAP will make exciting announcements on some future of work solution scenarios that target different lines of businesses in the enterprise and help ease the live of end users when it comes to interacting with enterprise solutions and bringing the power of HANA to the end user on their preferred mode of computing be it a phone, tablet of notebook form factor.

Industry Solutions
SAP brings more than 40 years of experience when it comes to understanding industries and their specifics needs from enterprise solutions across a whole gamut of industries including the latest entry to the stable in the form of sports and entertainment. This is a goldmine that very few solution vendors can lay a claim on and it reflects in the way SAP solutions are articulated for various use cases in different verticals to provide comprehensive coverage to all aspects of an end to end business process.

This is an exciting time to be in the CRM market.  New technologies have empowered people to become better informed and more socially networked.  The industry is transforming, and the old models for automating marketing, sales, and customer service no longer apply.  Instead, new models are being built around the idea that the customer is now in charge of their relationship with companies, and that in order to attract and retain these customers, companies must engage them like never before.  And, at SAP we will be on the leading edge of the development of these new models.

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