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Welcome to the very first post from the new SAP Emarsys Email Deliverability Team!

My name is Steve Henderson and I lead the Deliverability team in Emarsys. The Deliverability team are a global set of experts in email sending technology, strategy, and compliance. Over the coming months and beyond we will be creating a new content series focused on helping you understand the world of email deliverability. If you subscribe to this series (by following the tag on the right called "SAP Emarsys Email Deliverability") you can expect the following:

  • Learn more about how email sending works from a technical and practical perspective.

  • Demystify jargon, technical terms and misconceptions.

  • Good practice guidance, backed-up with practical tips.

  • And information to help you hit the inbox, reach your customers and generate the very best results from your marketing campaigns.

This series will not be covering SAP product-related queries or issues. For these queries you should continue to use the existing help sites, community resources and your technical support team.

In this introductory post I will give a short introduction to the SAP Emarsys Email Deliverability team, and cover a few deliverability terms and concepts.


The SAP Emarsys Email Deliverability Team

The Deliverability team are global team of experts in email technology, strategy, and compliance.

I feel the best way to explain who we are and what we do is to share our team Mission Statement and Value Messages. These explain what we aim to achieve every day:

Team Mission Statement

Team Mission Statement

Team Values

Team Values

What is "Deliverability"

Deliverability relates to the process of getting emails from the sending platform to the intended recipients. The reason that "deliverability" exists as a concept is of course because there is an awful lot of malicious email traffic that inbox providers have to identify and suppress. Legitimate senders must differentiate themselves from the malicious email traffic in order to get the emails delivered. And this process can sometimes be quite difficult.

Email inbox filters

The first thing to understand is that there are multiple factors that determine how an email provider handles your emails. The following elements determine if your emails will be blocked at the door or accepted; determine your delivery speed; and determine how accepted emails are categorised into the inbox, junk folder and other folders, such as the Gmail Promotion Tab

Over the deliverability series we will go into each of these elements in detail

Recipient Trust

The second thing to mention in this first introductory post is that this may look complicated. My job is to show you that it isn't. In fact I would go as far to say this:
“Deliverability isn’t about technology. Deliverability is about trust.”

Yes, technology matters. And clever technology solutions can help you reach the inbox. But the primary factor determining your success is sender reputation - which is generated by your recipients' interactions with your emails. And positive interaction requires trust.

The DMA Consumer Tracker each year shows that the main reason why people open or ignore emails is recognition and trust of the sender. Consumer trust of senders comes down to emails being relevant, timely, interesting, valuable, wanted and expected. Marketers' strategy, use of data and technology is key to success.

And this is why this series will not just focus on the techie stuff, but also practical tips to help you get avoid issues, overcome issues and generate great results.

What's next?

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You can ask questions and provide suggestions for helpful email deliverability topics in the Q&A area Q&A - SAP Emarsys Email Deliverability.

And if you'd like to find out more about SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement you can visit the community page: SAP Emarsys CX.

And you can read my bio and follow me on my personal page: steve_emarsys.