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This blog provides a quick introduction to the usage of SAP One Support Launchpad in the context of SAP Marketing Cloud implementation projects, to assist you with product support process. It presents the user with some click-based tutorials for submitting support tickets using appropriate application components. Finally, we will review frequently asked questions on S-User setup. S-User is a prerequisite to being able to operate in SAP Support Launchpad.


This blog is targeted at end users, namely implementation team members (customer or partner contacts) who are new to the SAP product ecosystem and SAP Marketing Cloud. The blog is a result of queries that I received over the past few months, from various customer or partner contacts during early phases of SAP Marketing Cloud implementation projects.

New team members are likely to face situations, particularly in the early phases of the project, where they will need help getting acquainted with product support tools, S-User, and knowing how to find app components to effectively channel their support tickets.


I invite you to go through the tutorials and review the FAQ's below to familiarize yourself with these topics.

#1 Let's learn how to submit support ticket in SAP One Support Launchpad

#2 Let's look at a way to find information on application components 

and finally let's look at FAQ's

#3 FAQ's for S-user setup

What is an S-User?

It's a unique identification number for in the SAP ecosystem to interact with product support via the SAP One Support Launchpad.

Can I reuse my existing S-User for a new customer project?

No. S-Users are unique, and you can have 1 user per ERP customer number (or customer account). Every time there is a new project, a new S-User needs to be created by the super administrator in the customer's company (ERP customer number or customer account)

How can I get an S-User?

Please contact the IT person or project manager of the customer you are working with. They will connect your request with the super administrator for the ERP customer number (customer account), in their company. The super administrator will create the S-User for you. It is important to specify to the super administrator to grant rights for ticket creation for the installation "SAP Marketing Cloud".

How long does it take to get an S-User once the super administrator has created it for me?

It takes about 1 day.

How do I find out who is the super admin for the ERP customer number (customer account)?

Customer contacts can check that in the My important contacts section, click the tutorial to see how

I have an S-User, but I am unable to search and find the Q or P tenant for SAP Marketing Cloud. What could be wrong?

You lack authorization to create incidents. Please contact the super administrator for support.

I have an S-User, and need additional support on topics not mentioned in this blog, how can I get support?

If you have an S-user, please use one of the following ways to get support.

  1. Connect with SAP expert chat support 

  2. Report a support ticket on component XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR with all your queries


Reporting support tickets with the correct or suitable application component can help the ticket flow to the right team and notify the team quickly. This facilitates a quicker turnaround time, this is a time saver, especially when dealing with distributed teams in different time zones. It is beneficial to have S-Users setup early and for all team members at once.

With this blog, you are now familiar with SAP One Support Launchpad, how to find components for apps, additional hints on how to find app component information from other sources, and help your teammates get an S-Users quickly.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,