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Vue Storefront’s bodiless e-commerce frontend platform helps developers create outstanding storefront experiences for users


Today, e-commerce sites are dealing with a range of issues when it comes to development, maintenance, migrations, and of course, attempting to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of their consumers. Many of these sites are working off of outdated tech stacks such as Java or PHP, resulting in slow site loading times, negatively impacting the user experience and overall performance. The flexible tech stack you need to provide seamless UX and exceed your consumers‘ expectations? Meet Vue Storefront.

Vue Storefront is the first on the market and the initiator of the whole movement for providing front-end experiences that are independent from back end and CMS in the new headless space. Based on Vue.js, Vue Storefront connects with different third party services, providing an API integration between the back-end and front-end, and when integrating with other CMS systems, allows business users to gather and manage the experience on their own content management site. Vue Storefront’s architecture uses best practices and the best field-tested tools for a lightning-fast performance, with native integrations and shortcuts that significantly shorten time-to-market. Vue Storefront is agnostic to any e-commerce platform or other headless CMS system, which allows users to migrate between different platforms if need be.

As customer requirements and demands are constantly changing, making sure the UX is on the highest level is mission critical. Vue Storefront enables businesses to implement advanced search engines and Headless CMSs that help deliver omnichannel content increasing their likelihood of getting the customer over the finish line and after a transaction. With Vue Storefront, every UI component or complex module can be adjusted to the individual’s brand identity in order to address a specific target audience’s need. The moral of the story? Vue Storefront enables companies to build the platform that meets their business needs while fulfilling customer expectations via a seamless UX.

Vue Storefront allows developers to work with the most modern and up-to-date tech stack, and boasts a community of over 4,500 developers in the who regularly share knowledge and help each other with problem-solving, all while developing amazing front end experiences. One of Vue Storefront’s biggest focuses is truly providing an amazing developer experience where enthusiastic developers can enjoy future-proof technology to deliver a flawless user experience. Business users can freely manage user experiences such as checkout flow, loyalty programs, and content delivery, and also allows them to add any services they desire.

Vue Storefront will integrate as a bodiless frontend with SAP Commerce Cloud as a headless backend, and will help SAP Commerce Cloud customers speed up their site’s performance, boost revenues and SEO rankings, and increase customer satisfaction, all while helping them to save money on costly implementations.

Vue Storefront participated in SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort and is an SAP PartnerEdge Integrate Partner.

Read more about SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort here.

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