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With release 2005 of SAP Marketing Cloud we introduced the possibility to include Google reCaptcha (Version 3) in Forms. This will improve the security and data quality of your Landing Pages.

In the following sections I will give you a short demonstration of the configuration and usage of this new feature. Please see also the following links to our documentation:


Google reCaptcha Admin Console

First you need a Google account which gives you access to the reCaptcha admin console. Here you need to set up your captcha in the settings:

The type of the captcha needs to be V3. You also need to note the site key and secret key for the next steps. Also you need to specify the domain(s) on which you publish your Landing Pages.

System Configuration

Now you need to create a new communication system like shown in the screen shot below:

After this you have to create and activate a new communication arrangement where you set the type to '10' (reCaptcha V3) and enter the site and secret keys you noted from the Google admin console earlier:

Usage in Form and Landing Page

Now you need to create or edit a Form and add the new Captcha element anywhere on the form (I recommend to put it after the button):

In the parameters of the Captcha element you need to select the arrangement which you previously created ('Captcha Configuration'). Furthermore there are some other parameters:

  • Custom Threshold - This is the threshold to decide whether the submit was likely caused by a bot or not. Google recommends a value of 0.5. The larger the number (until maximum of 1.0) the more likely it is that the submit will be rejected. A value larger than 0.9 will most likely trigger a rejection.

  • Custom Error Message - This will be the message a user will see if the submit is rejected.

  • Action Name - This can be used in Google's analytic section to group the events.

After you have embedded such a Form in a Landing Page the little reCaptcha icon will appear in the lower right corner of the browser screen. See below an example with the rejection message:

After some time when there are enough results from your Landing Page(s) you will be able to analyse the statistics in the reCaptcha admin console:


After reading this article you should be able to set up the Captcha in a Form in SAP Marketing Cloud.