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Slow performance can be frustrating and sometimes determining the reason for the slowness can be complicated. To make it easier to understand possible causes for slow performance, we now (from release 1802) provide a way to look at the last UI interaction's performance statistics from the browser itself.

To see the last interactions statistics please follow these steps below. If you rather wish to see the video of the same please scroll down below.

1. As soon as the interaction has finished or the screen has loaded, please right-click anywhere on the browser

2a. If you are using the Chrome browser please follow along here

- Right Click and choose the menu item "Inspect"

- You should now see a window open with the "Elements" tab visible

2b. In Internet Explorer

- the menu item is called "Inspect Element". Click the same

- You should see a window open with the "DOM Explorer" visible

Once the window opens, please scroll right to the bottom and then you should be able to see some comments in green called "=====Performance Statistics=====". The following section shows us the performance statistics of the last interaction and can tell us reasons for slow performance.


Quick Look Performance Stats in Google Chrome

Unfortunately in Microsoft Internet explorer it may not look well formatted. In case you want to do the same please right click and click "Edit as HTML".

Quick Look Performance Stats  in Google Chrome


Video: How to see last user interaction's performance statistics (MS IE 11)

Video: How to see last user interaction's performance statistics (Google Chrome)


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