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The intention of this guide is to show key-users how they can easily undo some adapations/personalizations done by him or their end users in the system user interface.

The List Changes it will be shown whenever you are in Adapation Mode (check icon below).

To open the Adapation Mode you have to go to: Adapt -> Edit Master Layout once you are in the adapation mode you can hover the mouse under any screen section and you can see the option of List Changes


To show how it works I will hide a column in workcenter Customers -> Accounts


Note that the column is no longer shown in the user interface:




Now we need to access the List Changes as explained before (note that you can do in any section of the screen but once you access it to see all changes in the UI please click in View All


You can see below that we have many types of changes but it can be easily found as there are Date and Time, Created By columns so you can find the changes done by your user or any other.

As we hide a column the type would be ChangeColumnVisibility so click in the Change ID


You will be presented with a summary (technical information of that change) you can delete it by using the option Delete

Note that once you click Delete it cannot be reverted you would need to manually hide this column again




Once you click in delete you will return to the List Changes  screen click in refresh and you notice that the entry will no longer be shown just close the list change screen and change to another workcenter and go back and you will notice that the column will be made visible again.



Hope this guide help you in case you want to see something similar about any of the functionalities of the Adapt please drop a message or comment below!


Best Regards,

Gustavo Muñoz
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