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In CRM webUI, we sometimes use transaction launchers. We might use a BOR object type in our transaction launcher. For example, BOR object type BUS2000108, method DISPLAY:

After configuration, from webUI page, it will look like this:

If we want to make a test on the BOR object type independent of CRM webUI, we can use T-code SWO1. This document will briefly introduce how to make such a test.

  1. Check methods property ‘Instance-independent’ first
    Execute T-code SWO1, click 'display' button for object type BUS2000108:

    We can see all methods for this object type:

    If we double click on method ‘leadCRM.Display’, we will get the pop up. This method is an instance method:

    However, if we double click on method ‘LeadCRM.GetDetailMultiple’, we can see this method is instance-independent:

  2. Test ‘Instance-independent’ methods
    Click ‘Test’ button:

    All instance-independent methods will be listed. Let’s click the ‘Execute method’ icon next to the method ‘GETDETAILMULTIPLE’:
    In the next screen, click on the ‘table’ icon:

    Input the values and then back:


    Here we get the result:

  3. Test instance methods
    Click the ‘Instance’ button:

    Input the initial value and click ‘ok’:

    All methods will be listed:

    If we expand the ‘Attributes’, we can see all values:

    Now let’s execute method DISPLAY:

    Here is the screen:
    Additional information: