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After I create a customer in ERP via tcode VD01 and try to download it into CRM via request download, I meet with the following error message:

"Customer classification 06 does not exist"

Through debugging I found this issue is raised in line 22 due to a missing configuration in table crmc_classif.

The configuration for classification in CRM is done in this activity:

In my CRM system, there is no corresponding entry for 06, as a result error message is raised.

Still I would like to figure out, where does this 06 come from?

I set a breakpoint in function module BAPI_CRM_SAVE in CRM, download all content in variable BAPISTRUCTURES - this variable stores all data sent from ERP - into local excel and search by keyword 06, and found this field is set in structure BSS_S040.

Then I perform where used list on this structure, and found the classification data comes from KNA1-KUKLA.

The classification could be maintained in tab Marketing in ERP:

And the classification list could be maintained in customizing below:

Solution for this error message is: either maintain a corresponding entry for 06 in CRM, or clear the classification value, just keep it empty in ERP.