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Cloud for Customer uses secured SSL connections only to communicate with other systems. If the customer does not yet have a certificate for this purpose, he needs to order one from a Certification Authority (CA). This could be a server certificate for his on-premise reverse proxy, for example. The following section describes the steps how to order such a certificate. They are valid for both server and client certificates:

1. Generate CSR on “SSL Client (Standard)” PSE in STRUST and save to local machine

2. Access the Verizon site via

3. Click on “Submit a CSR” for certificate marked in yellow (1 year period)

4. Upload the CSR

5. Select the below option and continue

6. Enter the additional information

7. Verify the details

8. Submit the request

9. You should see the order confirmation

10. You will receive the CA reply via email

11. Import the CA reply into the keystore

12. Press “Save”