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The Early Logon property is a setting provided by the User Module of a WCEM shop configuration. The setting is available for Contact and Consumer scenario and enables the Web Shop administrator to decide if the shop user needs to logon before browsing the shop content. The feature is also described in the blog Web Channel Experience Management 3.0: Early Logon from Arno Meyer.

Nevertheless a guest user or not yet logged in user can be granted to enter specific shop pages e.g. 'Contact us' or 'Terms'. Those pages can be excluded from the Early Logon rule by listing them in the '

Such excluded pages may also contain content that should not be shown to those users. To dynamically hide/show such content there is a Facelet Function that can be used in your page or view component. You need to encapsulate the content by a JSP 'if' tag:

<c:if test="#{wec:isEarlyLogonShopAndUserNotLoggedIn() == false}">



Don't forget to define the Java Standard and the WEC tag library at the beginning of the xhtml file.