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Wednesday evening 19.46h. Just finished dinner. My 9-year-old daughter came to me asking for my wallet. If my 16-year-old son asked this, I would be more suspicious…but this time I felt quite comfortable.

She took my wallet and grabbed a coin. “Daddy? Heads or tails?” I chose wrong but she was kind enough to give me another chance…

The conversation continued and she asked me: “Why do you like your job in marketing so much?” The answer was simple. It all falls back to the two sides of this coin.

The everlasting challenge to choose between heads or tails makes me passionate about marketing and communication! Especially because it’s never this black and white. You constantly need to make decisions based upon a mix of data insights, experience and gut feeling.

Sharing 5 dimensions of the coin:

1:1 versus 1:N
Let me start with one of my favorite topics: the ‘segment of one’. As marketers, we always aim to create an exciting customer experience in every interaction across the digital marketing channels. Personalization is the key to accomplish this 1:1 interaction, while on the other hand we need to reach a wider audience with 1:N instruments. If you can combine the two, you will win.

Local effectiveness versus global scalability. Whereas ROMI is not always easy to calculate, we know that relevant messaging increases if you are closer to the audience. But is it worthwhile to reinvent the wheel? Or invest heavily in localization? Test, measure & decide!

Critical information overload. We all know that feeling. The sheer volume of e-mails, the unstoppable amount of content being produced. That’s why visualization is so powerful. Infographics show data in a consumable format. And as we know, also 1 photo can tell more than 1000 words…

Most marketers love ‘out of the box’ strategies & concepts. But no award has been won with just a big idea. The power of bringing it to execution goes hand in hand with this. Unlike the chicken and egg discussion, I favor innovative ideas. The ones that make you smile. The ones that create a nice stickiness effect.

Do you coincidently have some spare golf balls? Can you organize a round table in two weeks? All marketers receive these questions from sales colleagues…With the right benchmark data marketers can advise which instruments to choose and show the related impact in Awareness, Demand Generation or Pipeline Acceleration. Above all, we should secure a close connection between both teams to run better together!  

Throw your coin!
What is your perspective? Do you dare to take the challenge and add your Head & Tail? I wonder how many dimensions we have in marketing. Enough to enter the Guinness book of records with 100 or 1000? Over to you. Just throw your coin and keep it simple!