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Getting started with SAP E-Commerce

Over the last number of months may people have come forward with questions about where to start in the quest for knowledge in the SAP CRM web channel? With all the resources available through the SAP world where is the best place to start.

There are lots of resources available to customers either through the SAP Service Marketplace , SCN .

Here I have tried to create a small index of some of the resources that are available.  


SAP SCN Resources

Web-Channel, E-Commerce, E-Marketing, E-Service - Wiki


SAP CRM: Web Channel  



 SAP Service Marketplace

There are e-Learning (RKT) materials availabile but requires access, These are available to rampup customers and you will need to contact your account manager .

Instal Guides

 You can also go to the service marketplace for web channel information:

select SAP CRM 7.0

--> Web Channel.

Business Process repository

For information on the Web Channel business process you can check this through the BPR or this SAP CRM Web Channel Business Processes.


Technical Guides.

  • Development and extension

For a technical guide, the "Development and Enhancement" guide is the main guide as well as the  "Tutoria"

SAP Business Suite Applications --> SAP CRM --> SAP CRM 7.0 --> Operate

1. SAP E-Commerce 7.0 Development and Extension Guide
2. SAP E-Commerce 7.0 Dev. and Extension Guide: Tutorial

This guides can be used when making custom modification to the application and are a great starting point into understanding the design of the application.

I will keep this blog updated over time and add in aditiaonly resources when they become available. I hope that this maybe helpful for some.