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This document contains few of the Frequently Asked Questions  related to SMS Integration with Tickets in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer:

1. How to Configure SMS Integration with Tickets in SAP Hybris C4C.

- Help Document Link

Note: Most of the issues occur due to incorrect configurations.


  • Supports HTTP POST with XML Body

  • XML Body can be of any format per the web service used

  • If following (optional) placeholders are used in the XML Body, they will be replaced by runtime values when an SMS is being sent

[#PHONE_NUMBERS] will be replaced with the recipient phone numbers

[#MESSAGE] will be replaced with the message text

[#SUBJECT] will be replaced with the ticket subject

Recommended Steps:

  • Prepare a Web service that satisfies the prerequisites for C4C SMS Mashup

  • Test the web service independently without using C4C Mash up, via tools like POSTMAN

  • Once the Web service is verified, configure a Mashup Webservice:

  • Create a REST Mashup Web Service

  • Provide an appropriate name for your service

  • Provide the authentication supported by your webservice and the corresponding details

  • Service Protocol should be XML

  • HTTP Method should be POST

  • Content Type should be XML Body

  • Provide the web service URL

  • Provide the XML Body

  • Save and note the Service ID, this should be used while configuring the SMS Channel

2. You have SMS outbound configuration, however when trying to send SMS from tickets its end up in error meessage: The gateway returned an error while sending the message HTTP Code 400.

- The SMS mashup needs to be an HTTP POST with XML body. You configured it differently, which will not work since the placeholer replacesment can only happen from an XML body.

Go to the Administrator work center -> Business Flexibility view -> Mashup Web Services -> Edit the service ID -> Select HTTP Method as Post and use XML payload / body.

3. Tickets does not show the messages with multimedia content.

- Only text messages are supported, no support for multi-media messages (messages with pictures, videos and other attachments).

4. You setup a Workflow Rule to send SMS messages based on certain conditions but even if the conditions are met, the SMS is not sent.

- You have used a special character (e.g. '&') in the template which is causing the problem.

Remove the special character from the XML Template to solve it..

One good way to check if the XML is valid is to copy and paste it on an XML Validator, such as:

5. System does Not  Recognize the Customer Phone When the Service  Ticket is Created  Using SMS.

- SMS is a B2C scenario only and not B2B. It doesn't work with corporate accounts and contacts but It works for the incoming phone number in the  individual customer records only and if it doesn't find a match, it creates a new individual customer.

6. You have setup SMS Integration as per the guidelines but you still does not see the option to reply via SMS in a ticket.

- The ticket is created for an Account. Currently, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer SMS integration is designed only for Individual Customers.

7. Can you enable two vendors for SMS integration with tickets?

- In service scenario, SAP Hybris C4C do support integration with multiple service providers. For each service provider, there should be unique short code and separate mashup id to be configured for the same.

8. Splitting SMS to multiple messages does not work.

- The Split text option is made available but will work only with the limit of 160 characters is increased.

9. How to test if SMS outside SAP Hybris C4C?

- You can first test the SMS service on any online rest service tool like - "Advanced Rest Client" or "POSTMAN".

Steps to test it in "Postman":

  • Go to google chrome.

  • In -> Search for "Postman" app.

  • Download the app in your chrome browser.

  • Login to the Postman (Register or use your google ID to map).

  • Select "POST" action, enter the URL of your service provider.Select your Authorization type.

  • Test your script/webservice.

  • If it is successful here and SMS are still not getting sent from C4C then we can further check it.

  • If not then the problem could be in your webservice / service provider.

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