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Initiated by a customer question here a short explanation how ERP customer master order blocks work in conjunction with C4C integration, especially the external pricing in C4C.

In ERP you can set blocks and block reasons in the customer master record. The "Order block" is the one that impacts sales document creation in ERP. Here is an example where the order block "01 - Overall block" is set for sales area 1000/10/00 for a sample customer.

In the SD customizing you control which SD transaction types are blocked from creation if the block "01 - Overall block" is set in the customer master. On the next screenshot you see the IMG path highlighted. The IMG path has two transactions. In the second one you assign order block reasons to transaction types.

In our sample we look at contract creation (ERP sales orders behave in the very same manner). In the below screenshot the entry is highlighted that blocks contract creation for transaction type "SC - Service and Maint." in ERP if the customer has the order block 01 - Overall block set.

If one now tries to create a contract for the above customer one gets an error message in transaction VA41:

You get the same error message in the C4C contract seen when executing the external pricing.

All messages in the C4C external pricing that start with (system id) were raised by the ERP system. This is how can distinguish local messages raised by Cloud for Customer from remote messages raised by the ERP system.

As a summary:

  • In ERP you have full control which SD sales transaction types is blocked from creation by which order block in the customer master.
  • Via external pricing the behavior of C4C and ERP are synched. If the ERP transaction type is blocked you get an error in the external pricing.